Total Budget Expense in Siem Reap, Cambodia

So how much can one usually spend in Cambodia for 3 days and 2 nights? Minus shopping and other unnecessary expenses? Around 7866.15 Php excluding air fare.

The amount is inclusive of expenses in the Philippines (taxis, buses and travel taxes from Cebu to Manila to Clark – around 3000 Php), transport from Bangkok to Siem Reap and going back to Bangkok, 2-days tour around the temples and some food trips on the side.

Also, this computation is based on 3 people who shared a budget for the hostel and transportation which meant we were able to divide the cost of important expenses.

cambodia riel
Cambodian Riel


Philippine Expenses: (Airline Fees, Transportation, Food)
150 Php – Taxi to Mactan
200 Php – Terminal Fee Cebu
50 Php – Breakfast Food
137 Php – Bus Ride from Manila to Clark (Victory Liner Bus)
180 Php – Snacks at Beatico Café in SM Clark
100 Php – Jeepney from Clark to Airport
1620 Php – Travel Tax
600 Php – Terminal Fee
3037 Php

Thailand Expenses (Transport and Food)
* Free Bus Shuttle from Suvarnabhumi airport to Bus Terminal
34 Baht – Bus from Shuttle Terminal to Mo Chit Bus Stop
8 Baht – Mo Chit Bus Stop to Hua Lamphong Railway Station
32 Baht – Noodles Shop in Hua Lamphong
48 Baht – Train from Hua Lamphong to Aranyaprathet
1 USD – Tuktuk from Aranyaprathet to Border
40 Baht – Lunch at Aranyaprathet Border
162 Baht and 1 USD

Cambodia Expenses (Transportation, Guesthouse, Food, Temple Tour)

Free Bus Shuttle from Poi Pet Border to the Bus Terminal
450 Baht – Taxicab from Poi Pet to Siem Reap (total of 1350 Baht for 3 of us)
1.50 USD – Tuktuk To Hostel
1 USD – Tuktuk to Night Market
1 USD – Tuktuk to Hostel
8 USD – Bus Ticket back to Siem Reap
450 Baht and 11.50 USD

2 USD – KFC Meal
2.17 USD – Food at temples
1 USD – Water (3 bottles)
1.50 USD – Ice Cream at Lucky Mall
1000 Riel – Sugar Cane Drink
1 USD – Banana Pancake
1.50 USD – Street Food Dinner
1 USD – Spinach Rice Cakes
10.17 USD and 1000 Riel

24 USD – Hostel for 3 days/2 nights with free 2-day temple tour package (free tuktuk for the tour and free breakfast)

Shopping & Miscellaneous:
6 USD – Adidas Shirt
2 USD – Chopsticks
5 USD – Elephant statue
5.95 USD – banana chips
3.34 USD – bag
14 USD – Lonely Planet Books
12.50 USD – scarves
1.50 USD – tshirt
1.50 USD – Fish Massage Spa
51.79 USD

40 USD – 3-day Temple Pass

Total Philippine Pesos: 3037 Php = 3037 Php
Total USD: 138.46 USD * 45 Php = 6230 Php
Total Thailand Baht: 612 Baht * 1.5 Php = 918 Php
Total Khmer Riel: 1000 Riel * .011 Php = 11 Php

Total Expense Amount: 10196 Php
Total Minus Shopping & Miscellaneous: 7866.15 Php

I tell you, if I won’t include the travel tax in the Philippines as well as other expenses from Cebu to the airport, it would amount to only 4800 bucks! It can get pretty cheap too, if you’d only spend a day touring the temples.

Anyway, I hope I was able to clearly itemize my expenses. It just proves that it isn’t that expensive and you don’t have to spend a lot of money in Siem Reap.

I’m almost at the end of my Siem Reap articles. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish the last part soon!

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  1. Naka-promo fare ka ba? Ang mura kasiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! I want. Huhuhuhu. Inggitero ako. Wahahahaha.
    Thanks for this post! Babalikan ko to when I'm planing to go there na. 😀

  2. @tina: no prob! glad this helped!

    @pinoy adventurista: sometimes it's even more expensive when you go to some places sa Pinas di ba?

    @micamyx: no problem mica! i thought nobody would really bother reading this post cause it's a bunch of expenses. hehe. yeah, the tax talaga.

    @lakwatsera de primera: thanks claire! buti lang talaga i have a notebook where i list every expense down. 😀
    grace: thanks! kelangan for reference in the future. 😀

    @winston: go to Cambodia! it's really great!

    @robbie: nope, actually this list does NOT have the air fare included. balikan mo lang talaga. hurry bago aakyat ang presyo. hehe

  3. i hate the tax and terminal fees! anyway, when it comes to budgeting you and doi are my idol! hahaha…if only i knew you before my vietnam – cambodia trip! ;p

  4. hindi ka pa nkaka-alis ng pinas, P3k na kaagad ang nagastos mo. tsk tsk dapat wala na terminal fees! 🙂
    sorry for being ignorant, how come you paid in US dollars on some items?

  5. @pinoy adventurista: haha, di ba? ipon na! abangan lang ang piso fare para mas tipid! 😀

    @pusang-kalye: si doi ang magaling dito anton. magaling yun magbudget! ako lang usually nag coconfirm kung Go ako o Hindi. hehe. paturo ka kay doi! 😀

    @carla: crazy taxes right? haha, si doi ang grabe jud mubudget. ako is only good for antos and tiis. haha. in short, walay budget! hehehe. how much did you spend in your vietnam-cambodia diay?

    @pinoy boy journals: thanks jerik! i thought this entry was a boring one. haha!

    @happy sole: yeah, sa Pinas pa lang, because we came all the way from Cebu! sayang nga di ba? anyway, re: the US dollars, it's because Cambodia accepts dollars and most of the prices are in dollars. even if they have Cambodian Riel as their currency, US dollars are a more common exchange when it comes to transactions. 😀

  6. @pinoy adventurista: haha, no problem, mervin! we all help each other out! 😀

    @jasz: ey, thanks a lot! 😀

    @journeyingjames: salamat james, matipid lang talaga kasi mahirap pag gumastos ng malaki! hehe

  7. I always wanted to write down my expenses whenever I travel abroad, pero lageng fail. eiether tamad ako or nakakalimutan ko. haha  nice, job well done. very helpful ito sa ibang pupunta plng. 
    btw, pansin ko lng yung profile pic mu at simple intro about you s bottom ng post anu gamit mu plug in jan? I;ve been looking fr a plug in like that but I cnt seem to find or I dnt knw w/c one to use. thnx dear! =)

  8. @thepinaysolobackpacker: I carry with me a pen and notebook always so I can just write down my expenses, Gael. But I can understand how tiring it is sometimes to jot down when you're enjoying the moment! thanks! 😀

    as for your question, this is the plugin that I use — — hope this helps as the other plugins do not work for my template. old skul kasi yung site ko 🙂

    @lambchop: yeah, Cambodia is really affordable. sometimes cheaper than the Philippines! 😀

  9. great great travel. looking forward more to your blogs. It's very helpful for my 8 day iti from sg-kl-bkk-cambodia. thanx so much

  10. Thailand is a cool country, but when I went there I wasn't  able to go to Cambodia. Upon reading your blog I think I need to see Siam Reap…

  11. @carl seran: glad that this helped! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! 😀

    @bhety: you should head to Siem Reap! they have very kind people there! 😀

  12. ed, this is very very very informative.
    Could you confirm, may visa charge ba talaga an $20? didnt see such from your computatation. some articles on the net says – yes, some says no.
    plus, would you be kind enough to give me an estimate "baon" if i will be travelling alone – just the basic – food accomodation etc. I have no idea how much to prepare and i want to go there this june
    Thank you very much.
    oh btw, how is thier waether?

    • @vanilla: hi, walang visa charge if Pinoy as there’s no need for Visas in Cambodia for Pinoys. But there’s a 20 USD ticket pass per day for touring the temples if you want to visit them. as for the ‘baon’, it depends how many days you’re planning to stay here. I remember that Sandra Aguinaldo showed an iWitness documentary on their show and spent 100 USD for staying in Siem Reap. It’s currently summer but as usual, Weather is still unpredictable 😀

  13. nice one ed!!!!informative and complete gyud kau.. plan ko adto siem reap ng july 19 then bangkok. email ko nimu if naa ko question okay lng?

  14. Wow…. I just received a quote from my friend's contact there and the 3 day pass is at P1660. is that reasonable? knowing that your $24 accom includes temple tours na. O_O

    • @Hannah: hi hannah, we had to pay for the temple pass separately (plus 40 usd each kasi we took the three days pass). but the price of the temple pass (to all temples) is 20 USD for one day. This was very cheap because there were three of us and then we had a triple room reserved. medyo mura nga masyado. 1660 for 3 days, that’s about 40 USD which is the standard rate. also, the standard for the tuktuk is about 15 USD per day for the nearby temples. if you want the farther ones, mas mahal. baka mga 20 USD. that’s why we took the package sa Bousavy guesthouse kasi mas mura and since tatlo kami. 🙂

  15. sir i’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime…because I found it useful from my upcoming Siem Reap tour this July…Question is there any visa upon arrival fee? I have read some blogs and they say it would cost you around $20-$25?…Thanks and more power to you..#TaraBiyaheTayo#


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