Back on the Road

After a month and a half, I’m back on the road. I got past the immigration counter without them asking for much information. Compared to my experience last February when I was interviewed twice, this time was a breeze. They only asked for my return ticket and I was through. Maybe smiling at them did the trick, I don’t really know. I’m just glad I’m at the pre-boarding area now.

backpacking southeast asia
at NAIA Terminal 3

I started my backpacking adventure after I quit my job of six years to see if a digital nomad’s lifestyle is truly for me. I spent two months outside the country but it was cut short due to personal reasons. While in the Philippines, I maximized my time by spending it with family and friends. Being away for a while made me look at life from a different angle which made it a great opportunity to reconnect with people; especially my loved ones.

I also visited Manila, twice; and met a number of travel bloggers, old and new. It was swell to mingle and get inspired to continue this passion of mine by being with them for coffee or pizza.

filipino travel bloggers
with Gay, Oman, Dong Ho, Marky and Wendell

philippine travel bloggers
with Lauren, Rafael, Lois, Eileen, Jen and Josiah

Right now, an old 28L Deuter backpack and a company duffle bag are what I brought with me. I left a pair of sandals, my DSLR camera, and a few shirts with my friend in Siem Reap. Looking at my bags, it seems that I still haven’t learned my lesson when it comes to packing. Though items have been less bulky, I know I can still bring the weight down.

travel bags
2 bags

This will do for now; besides, the reason why my baggage is heavy is because of my gadgets. Gadgets that I need for my freelance work online. My laptop, external hard drive, and a point-and-shoot camera. I wish I can finally get a high-end phone as I’m still using an analog Nokia 1280 for calling and texting. I want one for my podcasts as my previous recording device is broken. I’m looking at iPhone 4S deals online, and I’m not sure if I’ll get one anytime soon.

I’m going back to Siem Reap, and I hope that the bike that I constantly use when I lived there for a month will still be around. I miss biking in this quaint city.

bike siem reap
biking in Siem Reap

Not sure how long I’ll be out of the country; maybe I might be home unexpectedly, again. But I plan on visiting Bangkok, Laos, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Singapore, and Chiang Mai. We’ll see how this goes.

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28 thoughts on “Back on the Road”

  1. I presumed Eds that you are writing this as u are waiting for your flight back to SR? I am happy to have met you on the road and one of those I would love spending time with you and the rest of the travel bloggers we knew personally longer, but since you are back in the road, I am also en route to HK and Macau ad I write this! Definitely, your dreams will be reached and I will see u again, this time in those places mentioned. 
    Happy travels eds and God bless my bro! 

  2. @mervz: thanks mervz!

    @micamyx: onga, pasalamat ako nung nakauwi din. 😀

    @wends: thanks wends! i just arrived in SR again. yes, would like to talk to you more soon, kulang na kulang yung Manila. 😀 Take care and enjoy HK and Macau! 😀

    @eric: thanks Eric!

  3. congrats! the feeling of being back on the road is like no other. hey, keep me posted with your travels, esp. with those to laos and chiang mai. i plan to back and forth these places in the next few months. 😉

  4. @hiaobuffet: thanks!

    @cherry: wow ched! hahaha, blogger? hahaha. first time you commented! hehehe. good luck also on your new project! hope to be there during the launch! 😀

    @the Photoblogger: thanks EJ! you'll get there in time. thanks!

    @paul: thanks paul! hope to catch you in Chiang Mai or Laos, one of these days! will PM you then! 😀

  5. Good to know you haven't interviewed by IO. They are most likely lenient if you multiple stamps in your passport (based on my experience). And you're correct, flashing them a smile make them at ease and keep you away from gruesome interrogation. 🙂
    Now, we're really excited to go to SR and see you soon in Kuala Lumpur! 😉

  6. @sky:  yep. i guess so. i made sure to take precautionary measures and be prepared at the immigration counter. See you soon!

    @nel: haha, nice meeting you at the videoke nel! 😀

    @journeyingjames: uy pre, congrats on what you've achieved! 😀

    @Kara: saya nga ng meet-up. tanong ka lang if you have questions pa! 😀

  7. Congrats sa pagbabalik mo sa lakwatsa…. More travel stories to come…. Isa ka sa mgasinusubaybayan ko . Kasi pangarap ko din ang ginagawa mo ngayon
    Takecare and godbless
    happy travels

  8. You're brave. Its quite difficult to live like that – far and away from loved ones, not in the usual life routine you had and going a solo life in a foreign country but if that enriches your life and experience then its worthy. Have a safe trip always! 

  9. @Astrid: thanks Astrid! nice meeting you too! more meet-ups next time!

    @Marie: thanks marie! appreciate the kind words 🙂

    @randy: thanks randy!

    @ian: hi ian, i seldom go solo during my travels even outside, but yeah, facing immigration counters alone can be quite difficult at times. i need to do this for now cause I've been planning to do this for a long time. salamat! 😀

  10. Hongsoyo-soyo! I've met some of the bloggers there, but some are more elusive…i.e. blogstars like you. :p Love the bike shot. Made me feel an ache for Cambodia. I dunno…for some reason, I have tender feelings toward that country.


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