Backpacking Update: Singapore and Bangkok

Pardon the lack of updates, I know I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. I’ve been pretty much busy with mostly my online job. My funds have been depleting and I need to stay in one place in order to gain more work hours to earn more money and keep this backpacking journey going.

I also got exhausted trying to keep updating this site since I have other blogs that also need attention. But all is still well and I’m still alive. 🙂

Singapore sidewalk

So where have I been to, lately? After I was back on the road, I went to Siem Reap for a couple of days and then proceeded to Singapore. After a few days there, I arrived here in Bangkok and I’ve been maximizing the time that’s been given to me before my passport stamp expires.

“Sacrifice something precious to gain something else.”

An old high school friend messaged me on Facebook and asked me where I am now. I said that I’m currently travelling and have gone to a few countries already. I was told that I’m living the comfy life because of my travelling. I guess a lot of people have this thinking, too. That I’m just going out and exploring and conquering different places according to where my money can take me. What they don’t realize is that the funds I have can’t take me far as of now. Facebook can be deceiving.

I only eat twice a day, I don’t stay in hotels. I’m actually stationary and I’m just preparing for the rainy days. Well, you have to sacrifice something precious if you want something else. This is what I have to do in exchange of being on the road. Not because I choose to, but I because this is what can keep me going until this trip will come to a stop.

busy bangkok
busy Bangkok

It’s a matter of perspective and I prefer to look at the brighter side. It’s always been the case. I’m not sure if I may sound too idealistic but life can get pretty intense at times; and looking things in a more positive light helps in keeping my sanity intact. It’s my way of coping with the complexities of everyday living. I think I’m getting way off the point. haha.

The point is, I just like the fact that I’m outside the country and I’m experiencing life in a different city; eating food, and just being here. So to contradict why I started blabbering about my friend’s message, yes; I am living the comfy life.

I’m staying here for another week until I fly to another destination. Opportunities are appearing every now and then and I’m just working on a few things before I make another decision. I hope to get invited to some great Coop Travel or get a nice vacation at the end of this month.

bangkok traffic
stuck in BKK traffic
photo by Doi

I also hope to write more about my previous experiences in the countries I’ve been to as I start to get my blogging groove back. Keep checking in for more on my backpacking adventures and exciting stories. Stay safe everyone!

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20 thoughts on “Backpacking Update: Singapore and Bangkok”

  1. It is always a tradeoff naman talaga, that is why I admire your dedication to this goal of yours. It's good that you always seem to find good internet connection. I've tried this work from vacation thingy for two days sa Bora, and then Ilocos, and then Mindoro. I found it rather difficult because of the Internet connection, in particular, pero naka survive naman.
    It's exhausting but there is this feeling of contentment at the end of the day. Nothing beats four hours of staring at your laptop screen, then heading out to the beach to rest. Awesome awesome feeling. If only the entire planet had Wi-Fi! LOL.
    Ingat! 🙂

  2. @killerfillers: haha, yep. grabe ang trapik ng BKK! wala masyadong tao sa bus kaya kung ano2x na lang pinanggagawa. hehe

    @ihcahieh: ahh, if only WiFi lahat ng lugar talaga! kelangan talaga ng good internet kasi di pwede masira yung trabaho. 🙂

    @chizacheesemiz: updated the photo. thanks. it's my friend, Doi, who took it. 🙂

  3. heya! you're in thailand. welcome! you're right. not many people realize that digital-nomadizing yourself is kinda extremely difficult. but rather than sulk in an office cubicle, i prefer to make the road my office. really i can't complain. any plans to head up here in CM? 😉

  4. @Paul: i guess we just need to learn how to get into a routine in order to keep the ball rolling. definitely prefer being on the road. Hope to get some sun and sand soon. My SG-CM flight was cancelled, have to talk to the airline about it so I'm not sure yet. Also working out something in KL soon. still crossing my fingers! 

    @Micamyx: Mica! if all goes well. 🙂 so I've heard kung saan yung next destination mo. sagarin mo na ang Pinas. 🙂

  5. Hang kulet naman ng last photo! I admire your dedication! 🙂 Any plans of hitting KL? Let me know. Would love to meet you 😉 Happy travels!

  6. Am really jealous of your location independent lifestyle. Sometimes, reading about how you guys are just traveling non-stop makes me wish I hadn't settled down just yet. For now, I guess, I'll just enjoy short trips every now and then for work/vacations here in the country while I still can. Stay safe on the road!

  7. You know what? It irks me whenever people always assume that just because we travel a lot, that we are living comfortable lives. I mean, it's different from everyone else's 9 to 5 but it has its own stress and sacrifice that we need to deal with. It's not always about sightseeing.

  8. @Riz: thanks! not sure about KL yet. we'll be meeting with other bloggers as well when I drop by that place.

    @thatsofarah: no definite dates on when I'll be in Malaysia yet. Maybe we can meet with other bloggers too for lunch! 🙂

    @Kara: wag magselos kasi walang pera! hahaha. Settling down is another great adventure so it's nice you've found someone Kara. Yep, short trips are still great. I think it's not about how long we travel, so long as we do. 🙂 Thanks!

    @Robbie: irk talaga ah? hehe. amen to that! not sure if I'll go back to the 9-5 but so long as masaya tayo, it's good. 🙂

  9. anyare?! hihihi! tagal mo nga rin nawala. Ok lang may FB naman. Ako pag tinatamad mag blog sa FB na lang visible. Natatamad ako kasi wala ng maiblog. yun yun e. hahaha! unlike you. Im sure super dami sa kaibuturan ng hypothalamus mo. nagngingitngit na dahil hindi mo sila maikwento. lol!
    Anyway, be safe. bee happy.

  10. I really love to travel and I always envy you as you have the will to travel anywhere you like. you know your priorities and dreams so you always try to achieve it, i do hope i'd have similar mindset as yours. i love reading your blog and i salute your principles… go go go ed. 😀

  11. @mervz: surface lang kasi ang alam nila. oh well,, until they will also understand, then they'll also realize. hehe

    @jane: thanks jane! i didn't have these principles as much. so just keep doing the things that inspire you and you won't realize you're actually achieving your dreams! thanks jane!


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