5, 900, the mayor, congressman and DepEd officer


i feel sleepy… no, tired!!! i went home yesterday @ 10:00 pm and was
up again @ 4:00 am… may BO (bulk order) kasi sa store… 510 na
regular yum… marami actually if you are in our case… maliit lang
ang store namin… kaya nangangailangan ng manpower… pumunta kami sa
isang company na may family afair or general meeting… together with
8 other stores (8? i think)… may chickenjoy, potato chips, regular
yum and some drinks in can and tetra packs… we were to pack this one
by one… and distribute it to the workers (of the company).. konte
lang naman… about 5, 900 people lang ang papakainin… come to think
of it… medyo may marami-rami rin naman pala yun…

anyways… i’ve always felt that my job is very important (everyone
else’s is too) but i get to feed the hungry… no, no i mean i get to
satisfy other people’s stomachs…which is very satisfying (when done
in the right and fastest way)…. the weather was scorching hot pala!

so much for that, in the afternoon, we had to go to a certain pubic
school to reward medals and awards to the honor pupils (as a part of
our community outreach… with the prinicpal’s permission, of course)
and look who’s present? it was our 3rd visit… and we still met up
with the same person… The MAYOR of cebu… mr. tommy osmeña… who
wondered why were there again… maybe he’s always present in every
graduation pero feeling ko it’s becoz malapit na elections… (buti na
lang di pa ako makakaboto.. hehe) he had some speeches about the
parents and the importance of answering the questions of the youth…

anyway… i got more intrigued becoz of another visitor… congressman
delmar (don’t know which)… he introduced about the free highschool
tuition fee of all public schools (raw) his coming schoolyear (and
everyone were with glee!)… but he wasn’t finished…. he questioned
about the DepEd’s catch… provided that the elementary graduates must
be able to pass an entrance exam that will determine their progress in
the fields of math, science, and english… then he went on blabbering
that he didn’t like the idea… using the mike, in front of the
audience… he questioned about it… while an officer (i forgot the
rank) Dr. Oliva, in the DepEd was just sitting there, also present…

when the mayor and the congressman went outside and were fiished…
the DepEd officer was the next one to explain the proposition… i
soon got bored about it though…. i was really sleepy na!!! imagine
opening pa ako bukas… buti na lang natapos at nakapag-pictre taking
naman ako (as a part of the documentation… in other words,
ebidensiya) sa ginawa namin dun…

now, i punched-out na… with 13 hours for todays shift… minus 30
minutes for blogging, eating, walking home and washing and pressing my
uniform… wow! 7 hours of sleep left!!! so i gotta go na muna kasi
inaantok na ako! zzzz…

posted Sunday, 28 March 2004

CNBGirl made this comment,
busyng busy ka ah…

comment added :: 1st April 2004, 16:00 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
hoy ed grabe na overtime mo ha.. diba bwal yan kasi jabi doesnt have regulars

comment added :: 3rd April 2004, 15:22 GMT+08

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