this entry is something i made for a friend kasi nagpatulong siyang
magpagawa ng composition about anything that has comparison in it…
so this is what i came up with…


It’s 4:00 in the morning, Jane dresses up after taking a bath. She
goes out. It’s a long way from her destination that’s why she has to
be early for taking a ride would be time-consuming. But alas! She
arrives at the store, 15 minutes earlier. She waits for the others to
arrive and soon changed clothes. She punches “IN” at exactly 6:00 am
in the morning… From preparing the things to doing operations and
dealing with different types of customers with still a smile
(obviously forced) plastered on her face, while her body echoed for
“SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEP!”… At 2:30 pm, her duty for the day was done.
She punches “OUT” and the changes another costume; her school uniform
(for her school doesn’t let girls wear civilian clothes unless
Wednesdays for economy purposes). She still has classes at 4:00 pm.
Hurriedly taking another ride, she tirelessly scans her notes for an
exam. And after getting through school, she goes home, watches her
favorite soap on the tube, and then dozes off to sleep, with the alarm
already set at 4:00 am again the next day… Jane is a second year
college undergrad busy balancing her studies with a part-time job at a
fast food chain…

Working and studying at the same time is a common risk, young people
make when venturing into the world of college life. Some may work due
to lack of financial support for their education, some may do it for
experience, some may work to prove a point, and some may just do it
because others are. However, I’m doing it because I want to earn
money. It’s that simple. Anyway, my father didn’t approve of this. He
didn’t like the idea of doing two things at the same time. You may
serve two masters at the same time, but you can’t excel in both. Or
maybe my statement is wrong. There are really some people who are
determined to be on the edge and be on top. But there are only a few.
And I have to meet them yet.

Working as a part-time may be fun. You can earn money for your needs
or for which you can spend to your heart’s content. You get to
experience being in an environment of development because you are
interacting with tons of people. You get to learn more about your
attitude rather than aptitude (or both)Â at work. And nothing beats
the pleasure of getting the first salary, I’m sure about it. You are
exposed to the outside world. Wherein it serves as a foundation beyond
school projects and actually being and experiencing a situation that
others can only discuss about. The process of learning is endless
especially if you’re a neophyte!

The idea of working in a fast food chain may seem appealing to the
youth. But it does have its down sides. To sum it all up, there can
Okay, so maybe there’re four. My co-workers had to juggle studies and
working. From different time shifts and schedules, they followed. And
some effects can be really discouraging. They had less time for school
because they still have other commitments. Aside from projects and
assignments they also have to endure dealing with their customers and
making them comfortable. Some even had to cut classes due to lack of
rest and sleep. Your body starts to deteriorate. And the effect? Their
grades dropped! Its really difficult especially when it’s Prelims and
Finals Week. Others had to resign for they were really having a hard
time managing both. But how about the ones who couldn’t quit because
of lacking in support with regards to their matriculations in school?
They just have to wait and bear it. Some would even be in dismay and
regret over their decisions.

Yes, yes, it has its ups and downs. It’s the nature of balance. Where
every positive action, there’s an equal and opposite amount of
reaction. Or was it the Law of Inertia? But the more question is about
worth. Is it worth it? It all goes down to you and your decision if
you want to take the risk, with the feeling that you can handle it. It
all ends and depends with the person.


And lastly, here’s a thought to ponder by. Actually, it just got me
thinking. I got this while reading a comic strip of a national

Scene 1

BOY 1: Ba’t ka nag-aaral? (Why are you studying?)

BOY 2: Para makapagtrabaho. (To get a job.)

Scene 2

BOY 1 and 2: — silent—

Scene 3

BOY 2: Baket? (Why?)

BOY 1: Eh Kasi ako nagtatrabaho para makapag-aral. (It’s because I
work so I can study.)

EXTRA: Asteeg! (Wow!).

I rest my case.


posted Wednesday, 24 March 2004

A visitor made this comment,
i once heard my dad tell my bro abt working and studying~ baka raw
once kumikita na, di na makita ang value ng education.. to which i a sense.. one aspect clouds the reasoning for the other.. if
that makes sense.. ingatz

comment added :: 25th March 2004, 00:05 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
try reading “rich dad, poor dad.” it has different views on education,
work, and money. it may be weird and controversial, but for middle
class people like me, it really does make a lot of sense! 😉

comment added :: 25th March 2004, 17:56 GMT+08
crunchies made this comment,
try to learn as much as you can while you’re working. all those skills
and attitudes will help you become a better student when you go back
to school.
if you want to speed up the process, cut down on unimportant stuff so
you can save a little everyday. that way you can help ‘finance’ your
own education.

good luck.

comment added :: 26th March 2004, 10:25 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
education is important but it is not always a prerequisite to
success… bill gates was a dropout and he’s the richest man in the
but i’m not staying that you shouldn’t pursue your studies…

comment added :: 27th March 2004, 21:53 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
samplower: yeah, that’s what my dad was afraid o when he told us…
based on perosnal experiences… he wasn’t able to fiinish highskul
the ‘proper way’. he paid his teachers wo he could pass… kaso, wala
kasi kaming perang pampaaral… (tapos andito ako nagbo-blog.. hehe)
drei: hey i think i’ll read it! maybe when i find one at the antional
na hindi pa na-seal.. hehe… but i’ve heard it’s gud…

crunchies: ur so right! everyday is a learning process especially to a
neophyte like me… i became more aware sa actual more than theories
in class… so para na ring kurso yung trabaho ko…

cnbgirl: it’s in a person if he/she is detrermined to succedd… it’s
just that our society or wat i think about our culture today na
nag-pepressure satin about studying and graduating… lalo na sa mga
classifieds… puro na lang:”wanted… graduate of a four-year
business course, wanted: college graduate, wanted:has a degree… “

—sigh— trabaho talaga oo! 🙂


comment added :: 28th March 2004, 22:14 GMT+08

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