Bagongbanua in Bohol

I’ve been able to island hop in Mactan, Cebu a number of times and whenever colleagues would ask me what’s a great island to stop over, I would always recommend them to drop by Bagongbanua, which is a sandbar; a small patch of sand that is already part of Bohol.

It’s about an hour’s time from the port and the pump boat ride actually costs more (gasoline), but it’s definitely worth it.

Every time there’s an island hopping outing that is planned from the office, I wanted them to always put this place as part of their itinerary. Although, it’s not part of a Cebu attraction, it’s still accessible in this region. Somehow, I’ve only been here once and if an opportunity arises, I’ll definitely hop on to the next pump boat ride to this piece of beauty.

Bagongbanua sandbar

a lot of people dropping by but we didn’t care. The sand was already enough

white sand!

Bagongbanua island

blurry me.

CIMG2364 (1)
the sun, the sand, the water and a camera.

There were a lot of people on the island because of people hopping as well, but we didn’t really care. The sand was already enough and I’d recommend this to a lot of travelers who want to know more about Cebu and its best places.

Note: Thanks to David and Alrose for the pictures!

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