If the previous days I had the bad case of going back and forth the bathroom, right now I’m down with the flu.

I was hoping to be in Dumaguete already, talking to old friends over beer but it got postponed. I don’t know how many times this has happened already. But when I checked my salary, I’m a bit relieved that the trip didn’t push through. Because if it did, by Monday I would be broke already. I hate the fact that the money you’ve worked for and earned is already allocated to different bills and budget. Also, with the amount of overtime that I rendered, I was expecting a lot come the 30th; but I wasn’t too happy about it. I blame tax.

Because I’m stuck at home, I’m working my ass off to learn CS3. I really wanted to get this software but when I finally had the chance to install it in my system, I’m too tired to just search for different tutorials just to understand. I wish to apply for some short-term classes but people say it’s not advisable cause aside from being expensive, you can’t really learn everything in it. In my case though, I need to have a classroom environment so I’ll feel obligated to concentrate on them because I’m paying for the class. Besides, I don’t have any background with photoshop so it’s really good if I can get started. By the way, anybody has some tips on where I can get some free tutorials online? Just in case I won’t feel lazy. hehe.

Speaking of classes, I’m supposed to enrol myself already so I can continue studying and hopefully finishing to get a degree. But I’m afraid that it’s a bit vague for me to do because of different responsibilities that I need to focus more. Yeah right, Ed. You can spend going out of town and yet you can’t sacrifice the amount, even if it’s big, for education.

So talking about enrolling, I’m planning to apply for a gym membership as well. It’s something about the people who I’m working with that are also taking part in maintaining an active lifestyle. But I’m still too lazy to just check out some gyms that aren’t too expensive.

Anyway, it’s the first of June and it’s starting to get cold. Summer is finally over and rain is coming right at us. I’m a bit early for being sick but at least I’m recovering.

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