lakad 2004

we had a team-building retreat last 25-26 at Toledo (somewhere south
of Cebu) called LAKAD. it’s an annual event which started in 1998 that
the company requires to all its staffs and employees. and i’m included
in the last batch of the Cebu Chapter.

we were divided into 4 tribes, each representing the 4 nature
elements: Lupa, Hangin, Apoy and Tubig. with me, being part of the
Hangin (at least our color’s green). we subjected ourselves to the
ATADS (rules) of our MUMBAKIS (teachers) and help our fellow AL’LANGS
(each other) in times of doubt.

anyway, it was sort of like a Survivor Challenge, only a more subdued
and less threatening one (hehe). coz it wasn’t really a battle for
survival. but it was the first time i ever plucked feathers out from a
dead chicken (not something you do everyday).

overall, it was a good experience. considering the fact that it was an
all-expensed paid activity, and we were also paid to be just there and

embarassing moment: i ran as fast and jumped as high as i could at the
pool, only to find out that it was only 4 feet deep. so much for my
‘spotlight’, i ended up hurting my feet. and so the actor in me tried
to pretend that i was really in pain (complete with the ooohs and
aaahhs), but later realized that i wasn’t convincing enough coz my
fellow Al’langs still laughed at me. Sheesh.
still waiting for the pics…

posted Saturday, 28 August 2004

A visitor made this comment,
at least you didn’t hurt your head. 😉
ayo ayo bai!


comment added :: 28th August 2004, 18:53 GMT+08
amia made this comment,
post mo pics!

comment added :: 28th August 2004, 18:58 GMT+08
Shawty made this comment,
that sounds so cool!!! na miss ko mga ganyang activity sa redcross..
ahh yun threathening yun.imagine rappeling 5 floor building etc. etc.
saw your answers sa 3 questions pala. pwede followup..

bat ka tumubo hahahaha : )

damn my batchmate has a good crush on you si ano!!!

comment added :: 29th August 2004, 15:43 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
buti paa nde ulo. 🙂 post the pics!

comment added :: 30th August 2004, 13:19 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
^ tama sila drei at cnb. buti na lang nde ulo. kundi, wala ng
magpapadala ng isang bucket ng crispy fries sa akin. hehehe. 😛

comment added :: 30th August 2004, 22:42 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
yikes that must have hurt, good thing you only hurt your feet…
take care

comment added :: 31st August 2004, 02:53 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
shit happens. hehe. but it seemed you had fun.

comment added :: 1st September 2004, 19:19 GMT+08
Futaneshka made this comment,
haha. i know how that feels. i dived a fancy show in a pool with my
friends and it was late to realize that it was just so mababaw.
nakakahiya. =)

comment added :: 2nd September 2004, 16:09 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
Wow coool! Ubber cool! Never once been in a team-building! kainis.
Buti ka pa! uy post pics ha?

comment added :: 3rd September 2004, 16:20 GMT+08

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