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I've always wondered how travel bloggers sound like.

SoloFlightEd Sessions is a bimonthly podcast interview series and its main objective is to hear the voices behind these interesting personalities as they share their insights on travelling and to prove that behind these blogs are human beings after all.

Want to get featured?

If you're up for a podcast interview, here's what you need to have:

  • Skype account
  • Headphone with microphone piece
  • Stable internet connection (to avoid echoes and overlapping of conversations)
  • Time

If you're within the vicinity (Cebu), then we can set a date for a meet-up.

I hope to interview not only travel bloggers, but bloggers who love to travel as well (as evident on their blogs). Do send me an email with your site at edblogs@yahoo.com. Let's talk.

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    Tune in for more interviews! Take care & peace out!