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It’s the start of my one month vacation from my retail job! After living for a year in Dubai and working as a sales attendant inside a mall, I’m finally going on a 30-day leave. I’m excited because it’s been awhile since I last had a long break. Here in Dubai, everybody’s life is all [...]


I’ve been staying in Dubai for more than 2 years now and even if I haven’t been travelling outside as often, I usually spend my days off by touring other places in the UAE with my girlfriend. Sometimes when I don’t have much time, we tend to go out and grab a bite to taste [...]

When I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia, I received an email from Claire of TravelingLight asking me how I manage my finances while backpacking. I gave my two cent’s worth and thought that this was a good blog entry to share to my readers. It can be risky bringing all your cash with you inside [...]

Recently, a survey was conducted by Out of Town Blog to bloggers listing their top 15 Philippine travel blogs. A number of bloggers joined in the said survey and after tallying it, I was surprised to see that soloflightEd is among the top travel blogs in the country. Below is the list of top blogs [...]


Over the Eid Holiday, Jana and I went to the Rosa Mexicano Restaurant located in The Dubai Mall for some Mexican cuisine. There were plenty of people inside the shopping mall since everybody was in a festive mood. It was, after all, the break after the fasting month of Ramadan in the UAE. Rosa Mexicano [...]


I’m not the best guy when it comes to planning my trips especially when they’re overseas. I usually have very reliable friends who make all the research about places to go, things to do, and food to eat. Only requirement for me is that it should be budget-friendly. I don’t know if this makes me [...]

After driving a desert buggy at the sand dunes of Sharjah, we got back inside the vehicle to proceed to Hatta. We were to get wet in a natural swimming pool in Wadi Al Qahfi (Khaffi). I didn’t expect much of the place as all I knew about the Middle East was it being a desert, [...]

We finished the Hatta Mountain Tour and we were planning to head back to the city when our guide asked us if we wanted to visit the Hatta Heritage Village. I’m not a history geek and I wasn’t really feeling the walking tour, but we decided to check it out for 15 minutes. Hatta Heritage [...]

I’ve been here in the Middle East for over nine months now. My, my, how time has flown so quickly. Despite being stuck working in a retail shop six days in a week, I try my best to travel during my days off. That is, if my body can still keep up with the lack [...]

If there’s one thing that Mayrhofen excels at (other than its fabulous on and off-piste opportunities), it’s the après ski scene. Arguably one of the liveliest resorts in the Alps, Mayrhofen ski holidays are as much about the nightlife as they are skiing and boarding and as part of your skiing break, it’d be a [...]

Both trains and buses offer an excellent solution to the continuing need to transport lots of people from A to B with the least amount of damage to the environment (compared to other methods of transport powered by fuel). Few of us work close to our homes anymore, and many of us live miles away [...]

Everyone loves a bit of sunshine and while it looks as though our summer is over, there’s no reason why you can’t book into one of the top quality last minute hotels (http://www.hotels4u.com/late-availability-rooms.aspx) that are available online. The joy of last minute breaks is the value for money that ordinarily, you may not benefit from. [...]

When it comes to airport parking, there’s a long list of options to choose from which cater to many different tastes and budgets. For instance, let’s say you’re looking for Stansted Airport Parking – here are the main car parking services you can expect to find: Standard Long-Stay Parking Stansted is like a village, with [...]

Every fine dining experience at New Delhi can be defined by excellent service, authenticity, and world class cuisine. The experience also offers a warm as well as welcoming ambiance. There are a lot of fine dining restaurants in the city that offers specials and varied cuisines. Food Trip In Delhi There are a lot of [...]