Quick Update from Bousavy Guesthouse in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Just sending out a quick update from the Bousavy Guesthouse in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Yeah, soloflightEd is in Cambodia!

It was an extremely long travel (36 hours from Cebu to Cambodia) and actually the longest I’ve ever had in order to reach one destination. Usually, I’d spend one day in one place and then head to another spot. From Cebu to Manila to Clark to Bangkok to Siem Reap, this was our route and I’ll most likely write a guide of my experience from the whole thing.

Aranyaprathe train
Aranyaprathet train to the border of Thailand and Cambodia

My friend Doi,who’s been here, said that it would be a better option to head directly to Siem Reap and just spend the remaining days of this one-week leave in Bangkok, Thailand. This is to maximize the time that we have for this trip.

The good thing is that we’ll be able to spend time in each country and it won’t be that rushed.

cambodia border
photo courtesy of Den
jump shot at the border in Cambodia

Now all I have to do is make sure that we don’t exceed over our budget. Good luck with that, Ed. The night market was already enough to make me splurge. The price rates are really good and so far, the people in Cambodia are generally friendly – just like us Filipinos. But just like us Pinoys, they tend to charge us on unnecessary expenses which is pretty understandable since we’re all just trying to make a living and maximizing the experience.

angkor night market crazy night market with dirt-cheap price rates especially for massages!

I’m getting the hang of haggling on goods and other items at the Angkor Wat Night Market. My eyes lit up when the night was still alive and I didn’t want to go home right away without scavenging through the different stalls.


lonely planet books in cambodiaLonely Planet books in Cambodia, take your pick.

We only spent 6 hours but I’m already falling in love with Cambodia. We’ll have our day tour trip around the famous temples here and I’m anticipating the Tuktuk taxis to take us around. More updates soon.

Here’s a couple of comprehensive guides about Siem Reap:

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20 thoughts on “Quick Update from Bousavy Guesthouse in Siem Reap, Cambodia”

  1. Wow! I'm also planning to go there this year. Good thing, pumunta ka na para sayo na lang ako magtatanong ng tips and also a possible itinerary. Haha. So wait, the only way para makapunta sa Siem Reap is via Bangkok? Waah! Stress.

  2. Same here. I also plan to go there! Baka I'll email you for some tips. Gusto ko talaga mag Angkor Wat ever since I played the first level of Tomb Raider 4 when I was a kid. Haha.

  3. @lakwatsera de preimera: haha, thanks! basta haggle king ako dito. hehe. wais tayo! 😀

    @pusang-kalye: photocopy lang actually yung mga libro pero mura na rin 😀 haha. mabigat talaga yung bag kaya short lang yung jumpshot ko. hehe

    @marky: haha. yeah. thanks! pressured na ako magsulat. pagod pa. hehe

    @mica: sure thing mica! punta ka dito mura lang! hehe

    @smarla: thanks!

    @pinoy boy: sure thing, tonight is our last day. I need to get me some Angkor beer at the Pub Street. 😀

    @will: tanks!

    @DAM: haha. good luck na lang sa akin. will help so long as i have info. nope. you can go to Siem Reap from Vietnam or Laos too 😀

    @will (again. hehe): feeling adventurers talaga kami dun. ganda ng architecture and the designs!

  4. @nina: sakit talaga. but we should not let it stop us! thanks nina! 😀

    @dyanie: thanks dyanie! will be cooking up a series of articles… hopefully mapublish ko kaagad. hehe

    @chris: we missed the sunrise because of getting too tired from all the walking! hehe. but the night market is one of the best 😀

  5. Hi!
    I enjoyed reading your blogs. I will be going to Bangkok this May and Siem Reap. How long did you stay in Siem Reap? Is one day tour enough to tour the whole ankhor wat?

    • Mayflor: we stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. if you’re going to tour just Angkor Wat temple alone, one visit is enough. but take note that Siem Reap has a LOT of temples. we didn’t finish it all in two days because we were all exhausted. thanks for dropping by!


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