Cebu: Afternoon in Basdako White Beach, Moalboal

After Kawasan Falls,  we went back to the main road in order to hail a bus. We were to find a place to eat in the town proper as it was already lunch time. We would be heading to another tourist place in Badian for an afternoon hangout session in Basdako (White Beach), Moalboal.

Basdako Beach (White beach) in Moalboal
Badian, Cebu
November 13, 2011

moalboal cebu
Basdako Beach, Moalboal in Cebu
Basdako means “Big Sand”

moalboal beach cebu
Travel Bloggers in Cebu White Beach Moalboal
alin ang naiiba? hehe.

Hitchiking to Town

A lady driver with her son in a multicab passed by and I signalled to her if we could hitch a ride. Good thing she stepped on the brake and the next thing we knew, we were hitchhiking to the town.

We ate in a small eatery and heard about Manny Pacquiao winning the fight, as usual. That’s when we realized that the place felt deserted because of the boxing event. In the Philippines, when Manny fights, everybody’s glued to their TV sets. News reports even say that crime rate drops to zero when this pound-for-pound Philippine pride has a match.

hitchike cebu
hitchhiking in Cebu

Dom had to leave as he was to take a flight back to Manila in the evening. How eventful his weekend was to spend it in Osmena Peak and Kawasan Falls. It was Jerome‘s turn for us to show Cebu to him.

Heading to Basdako Beach

After lunch, we took a bus going to Badian and hired a tricycle to take us to Basdako Beach. Basdako beach or White beach in Moalboal is a famous spot for team building activities and group outings. It’s only a 4-hour bus ride from Cebu proper and it’s always a great destination to soak up some sun.

moalboal beach in cebu
almost there

In our case, we only stayed there during the afternoon. Even so, it was a nice feeling, knowing that the beach is pretty much accessible. The sky showed an intense blue and the clouds were striking enough to add a softer touch to the palette.

balintataw jerome
Jerome in action

Cottages for rent are available in Moalboal, but we opted to just sit on the sand as the sun was already starting to set. As for overnight stays, plenty of options are available. A recommended cheap homestay room is Ester’s Homestay. You can book an overnight non-aircon room for 4 people for 1500 Php.

  • Ester’s Homestay in White Beach, Moalboal
    Contact Number: +63 927 578 5983

moalboal cottage
cottages for rent

There are also nearby eateries that offer good food at cheap prices. The beach in Moalboal is a backpacker’s place. You don’t have to spend much except for the bus ride if you want a quick beach fix from office or school.

basdako moalboal
catching the sunset in Moalboal

Moalboal Beach Fix

Drinking by the beach with good conversations over travel and online work. What a nice way to cap the afternoon off. It’s relaxing to just sit on the sand as we watched the colors turn dark.

moalboal sunset
beach bumming in Moalboal, Cebu

Despite the relaxing atmosphere, I couldn’t help but take a dip in the saltwater. It’s the beach after all; I didn’t want to go home without swimming.

Moalboal is one of the first few places in Cebu that I was able to visit during my call center days. I remember that I even joined a team that I didn’t belong to, just so I could finally visit this destination. Up to now, it’s still a great beach, plus it’s cheap to hang out there.

moalboal badian
great conversations

Already dark when we headed back to the main road, we took a bus going to Cebu City. We had Baby Back Ribs dinner at Casa Verde in IT Park, and proceeded to The Outpost for a travel event.

What a full-packed Saturday and Sunday it was! Visiting 3 popular destinations in Cebu (Osmena Peak, Kawasan Falls and Moalboal beach) without spending as much. To think that this was just a spontaneous weekend trip!

Thank you Doi, Edwin, Dong Ho and Jerome for the company during this great Cebu Road Trip! 🙂

Finally finished this blog series!


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23 thoughts on “Cebu: Afternoon in Basdako White Beach, Moalboal”

  1. Always nice to hang out with people with no qualms wherever the place is. This Basdako beach seems interesting. Is the beach great for swimming?

  2. Nice jump shots! The color is really vibrant. Would love to head to the beach soon. Is Moalboal the best beach in Cebu?

    • Best beach? Not the best for me, but it’s more for diving enthusiasts because of the rich marine life. You can also head to Malapascua or bantayand Island in the north of Cebu. 🙂

  3. thanks ed…hahaha 2 years after saka nai-blog. nyahahaha tawa ako ng tawa and dami ko palang jumpshot. babalik ako ulit ng Cebu sa Septemeber hehehe try namin ang favorite pass time nila Doi at Lakbay


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