When I was a kid, since my pop is one of those people who could talk until the break of dawn with just about anyone, he had a conversation with a foreigner named Peter Statham who introduced himself as a high official of a surfing organization in Siargao. He was invited to visit the island after a long discussion of the surfing capital of the Philippines. I didn't care then since all I wanted to think about were tapes for my Nintendo computer.

Fast track to the present, pop still hasn't visited the place; but I did. I filed for a vacation leave for 5 days since I was never able to use this privilege last year because I was such an ideal employee (ugh). But now, I’m making the use of what’s left, especially since it’s inconvertible to cash.

March 31 – April 5, 2008, dates that I applied for and ever since it got approved, it made me all the more excited. These were the same dates that my colleague applied for whose father is staying (and has a house) in Siargao, and she told us that all we had to prepare were the fare, snacks, and minor expenses.

I, on the other hand, grabbed the opportunity since it’s a week long vacation; which made it all the more cost-friendly. Anyhow, this is the first time I ever went far from home just to retreat from city life. I’ve never eaten so much seafood, fresh ones at that!

Crabs, squids, fishes; *sigh*, to think that these were a courtesy of Cholie’s family and relatives. I can’t imagine how much we were able to save. Good thing as well in this trip, our host’s father knows everyone. So we didn’t have a hard time getting by with the place and the people. I’ll be forever thankful since for the whole duration in Siargao, we had free food and transportation for the whole week!


Cloud 9, General Luna Siargao Island More pics coming up!

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4 thoughts on “siargao”

  1. haha. thanks mia!

    eto, padalian kasi ng pag-approve ng leave. i never thought na matutuloy din. ok lang yan, you’ll have your time din! 🙂

  2. Hoy sayang naman, bat hindi ko maview yung pictures? Nag-ask ng password for photobucket
    Meron ka pa bang contact details para sa Bonotan's Lodge? I'll be in Siargao for 3 days next month =]


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