Side Trip to Singapore and Boracay

During the third month of my backpacking adventure, I made a side trip to Singapore and Boracay. I was supposed to be in Chiang Mai or Laos but there were sudden changes of plans that I had to reroute the destinations and go home earlier than expected.

I told myself that I’d be gone for at least six months; however, it wasn’t really something I wanted to carve in stone. The point of this whole digital nomad lifestyle gig is to show to others that it is possible to bring your work with you and travel at the same time. I think I’ve done fairly enough to say that it can be done.

backpack bangkok airport
leaving Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok


Singapore was not set until the first week of August. I was going to visit the country when I had more money in my bank. I knew that this was going to be an expensive place given that this is a First World country so I wanted more time to save before I check out its attractions. Due to circumstances, I arrived here too soon.

singapore merlion
Merlion Singapore

I was surprised at how modern the vibe was. Everyone seemed to be always on the rush and everyone was doing something. It reminded me of Hong Kong, only with a bigger space.

Singapore made me wonder how it would be like to stay here and work. You can feel the the energy from people who also want to work hard. It’s totally different from the previous month where I stayed in Siem Reap, Cambodia and everything was laid back.

HM singapore

What I like best about the place is how organized everything seemed to be. Even if everybody was busy, it didn’t feel chaotic. Aside from the cleanliness of the surroundings, the internet speed was really fast! I ran a speedtest and I couldn’t believe it reached 36 Mbps. It’s a blogger/internet freak’s haven.

soloflighted headstand singapore
head stand at the Helix bridge in Singapore


Passed by Cebu and visited friends and afterwards, Boracay was the next destination. I’ve been here before; only it rained when I finally had the chance to tour the island so I didn’t see it in it’s full glory. There were a lot of tourists and it was mainly because of the summer season. This was a nice break as it’s been awhile since I went to the beach. How perfect it was to get a tan in one of the best beaches in the world.

boracay beach
Boracay, I finally saw you under the sun!

There was no exact rule to this trip. I just wanted to go to different countries in Southeast Asia and bring my work with me while at it. However, something just came up.

So what cut my trip short and why am I back so soon? I had to attend to personal stuff that were more important.

boracay 2012
Why I’m home so soon.

With the whole location independence lifestyle, I can be anywhere I choose to be. So long as I don’t compromise my work, my boss wouldn’t mind where I am. Money still plays an important role because I can’t easily travel from one place to another without it. But such is the beauty of this freedom. I’m glad that I have the flexibility and time to stay wherever I want.

Now I’m back in Cebu and I’ll be living here for a month before I go back to the land of the Angkor.

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19 thoughts on “Side Trip to Singapore and Boracay”

  1. They said every street corner in SIN has a free wi-fi access. How cool is that! But it is also a CCTV country every corner has them too… It is the cleanest country I have been so far and not to mention SIN is an eco-friendly country – they take care their environment extensively even it has a small space for greens.
    While Boracay will forever be a Summer of Love. It is the best place to spend summer. Sometimes we really have things to prioritize that sometimes it hampers our big plans but if it is really important we have to attend to it  – it could be life-changing situation.

  2. @Ian: wasn't able to try to check every street corner. sa backpacker's dorm and hotel lang. ambilis! yep, sometimes there are just more important things in life – more important than our own lives. 😀

  3. We weren't able to go to anywhere in the city! How unfortunate was that?! Oh well, get to see SG in some other time, but i love the helix bridge photo! 
    Where did you stay in Boracay? And how long were you guys there?

  4. @Eileen: I stayed in White Beach Divers. hehe. the internet was good. 😀 my gf and her family stayed in Marzons resort? still walking distance from WBD. 😀

    @chyng: haha, thanks. ikaw susunod kong ipopost na podcast! hehe. 

  5. Looks like you fell in love with SR, haha. Question though, did Cambodian (upon exit) and Philippine (upon re-entry) immigration question you regarding your one month stay? Or no incidents at all? Just curious as these immigration people tend to be the ultimate KJ's.

  6. @Sky Summer: haha, yep. July I'll be in KL. will PM you guys! hope to meet you soon. maghahanap pa din ako ng hostel dun. haha. see yah!

    @ihcahieh: yep, gusto ko talaga ang SR. nope, they didn't question me. I exited SR to BKK overland and flew via plane to SG and then to Cebu. No incidents like that so far. Maybe they'll ask me if I frequently go back and forth. But I only exited twice from SR to BKK. also, you'll have 21 days of entry in SR if you travel by land, so if you plan to stay for a month, you can just exit once. 😀

  7. Sana mabilis din ang net dito parang SG noh! at sana luminis din! Para kahit mag headstand ako, walang mapapatungan ang ulo ko ng "ewww". hehe.. Planning a Bora trip with family next year.. Sana! hehe

  8. ed…try island hopping in singapore it's fun… and go trekking in mt faber….singapore is not all malls and housing units…. 🙂
    would also like to go to bora.. the last time i went there was " walapa sila kuryente", i want to see how the island has changed….. 🙂

  9. *♫Muling ibalik ang tamis ng pag-ibig♫* on cue. charot! hahaha! ang sweet naman. nakakainggit. Naka twice ka na.. ako never pa pero malapit ko ng makita ang Boracay na yan. hihihi! Sana lang wla na ang mga asungot na lumot. (nag rhyme. lol!)

  10. @christian: syempre! hehe. balik ako ng SR on June. 😀

    @May Primdal: saya ng internet sa SG May! yep, hope to see you on the road soon. by June I'll be in Siem Reap. will be there for a month.


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