Podcast Interview with Chyng of ChyngReyes.com

A lot of travellers are also corporate employees who spend their weekends and vacation leaves out of town. Young urban professionals or “Yuppies” who have spending power and choose to explore the country when they can. Episode 11 of my Podcast Interview Series

soloflighted sessions with chyng

Chyng of ChyngReyes.com

Chyng Reyes is an urban nomad who blogs about her personal life on her site with the title “No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin’!” She is one feisty woman who is not afraid to travel by herself. Her blog is a light read and she also takes beautiful photos. One trivia is that she comments first on her blog posts before anybody else does! I admire how Chyng engages herself with her readers. She has organized vacation tours in groups with her avid followers which is something I haven’t tried myself. She also gives back to the community by creating and organizing Outreach programs during the Christmas holidays. This was a fun interview as we were joined by other travel bloggers: Ron, Upper, and Nina in Bonifacio High Street. I even had to practice my Tagalog, and failed. haha Interview Location: Bo’s Coffee Club, Bonifacio High Street

chyngreyes Surfing in Baler

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What is your primary goal why you set up your travel blog?

Initially, I started blogging because I was bored. I ran out of things to do while waiting for the anti-virus (I used to work for an anti-virus company) to complete a scan. So there, my blog “No Spam No Virus, No Kidding!”was born. I’m just a blogger who travels. I still consider my blog as personal. But I made my travel entries very detailed because I want my friends to stop asking and bugging me about my itineraries, accommodations, and total expenses of my previous trips.

chyng reyes Mayon Volcano

What do you do outside blogging?

Many! Blogging is just a hobby; just a past time. Other hobbies include splurging at hotels and trying out different Japanese and Thai restaurants. On a more serious note, I’m currently working in an R&D company at Global City, The Fort, as a software QA Engineer.

You go to different hotels and review them in your blog, do you get invited to these places?

Basically, I get invited by friends; not by sponsors. Lucky me for my set of friends, they always treat me for hotel accommodations and hotel buffet experiences. I have many friends who are very generous. =)

Can you tell us more about your red trolley bag instead of a backpack?

I’ve got two words: OLD AGE! My body is weak, I can’t carry a 40L or 15-kilo backpack for a whole day. Besides, I don’t want to look like a hardcore backpacker.

chyng reyes blog Apo Reef, Balicasag

You went to Indonesia and you were held at the Immigration office because of being alleged as drug traffickers. That incident caused a big controversy nationwide. How’s it been?

After that, we’re traumatized. The moment we stepped in Manila and the news about my blog really exploded all over, it became stressful for the two of us. Especially the media, other people, detractors, and supporters were all the way to message me and gave me comfort about the incident. But after that, my friend and I were okay. It’s just an incident. We’re not going to Bali anymore but there are many other countries. Before, I used to Google search for pictures, my itinerary, expenses. But now, I consider the crimes or the fears that a backpacker or a traveller might encounter in that place. So it’s really a learning experience for the both of us.

Chyng no spam Siargao

Are there any tips you’d like share to those who are hesitant to go out and explore the world?

I need them to stop wishing that they have the guts, the time, and the money. Because if you want to make it happen, you will do something. As the little prince said, “A goal is just a plan without a wish.” But as a tip, they can start maximizing their sick leaves and vacation leaves in the office.


On a side note, Chyng is included in the PHL360º project. This is a fusion of reality TV and travel show composed of travel advocates, bloggers, photographers and cinematographers. PHL360º is the country’s first ever reality travel web series where eight different kinds of travellers will be doing four extraordinary trips in four different destinations in the country (north, south, east and west).

PHL 4th from the right.

Check for updates on their pages: Website: phl360.com Facebook: facebook.com/PHL360 Twitter: twitter.com/PHL360 Thanks for the interview, Chyng! Check out my podcasts with other bloggers below:

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  1. I've come  to know Chyng when that incident in Bali spread like fire in the media. She was an epitome of Matapang na Pinay ( Hinde atakbo). We would been scared to death if that would happen to us. (Knocking on woods).
    Surely Eds, you had a great time interviewing Chyng.  Kanus-a kaha mi nimo interview. hehehe.

  2. – im trying to be the 1st to comment because I dont have the time to reply to other commentors. pansin mo? haha im not a snob, tamad lang ako magreply. ^_^

  3. @Supertikoy: thanks jerome! daming exclamation nyan ah! haha

    @Joey: yep, that Bali incident was really something. next time, will need to buy a recording device kay naguba ang phone na akong ginagamit! hehe.

    @chyng: kakatuwa lang talaga ang first comments mo. haha. thanks also for taking the time Chyng! yep, sana maka attend ako sa launch nyo. excited na ako sa PHL360!

  4. naaaaks naman Chyng! anong sunod? tv interview na kita na ang mukha? 😀
    hi Ed!  a frequent reader of your blog here. just subscribed to your blog para di na makalimutan pag may bagong post 🙂

  5. @Jeng: tv interview na yan sila sunod! hi Jeng. thanks for subscribing! appreciate it!

    @wandershugah: ey, hahaha. naabutan jud ang tagalog part? haha. thanks for listening!

  6. First time to listen to this podcast series of yours. I'm amused, really. It's like listening to a radio show. Pang radio DJ ang boses mo Ed. Alternate career! LOL

  7. tours with her followers?! wow that is so sweet! 😀 u think you can do the same thing soloflighted? 😀 i will definitely join! 😀 

  8. ahahaha! i super love your tagalog! 😀 first time i listened to a blogger's podcast. and yeah you should try radio! 😀 your voice is really so cute! 😀 

  9. @doi: PM me doi! haha

    @Dys: thanks for listening Dys! sana sa susunod, makapagjoin ako sa trip nya. 😀

    @janet: yep, I think she's done it twice na ata.. or i could be wrong. hehe. for this site? there are a few people who have PMed me. I would want to try doing so. just don't have the time for now. hahaha. lol at the tagalog. Chyng gave me one heck of a challenge! hehe

  10. Naks! galing talaga ni chyng! Gulat ako sa kanya actually nung una ko sya nakasama. Angliit lang ng bag niya na dala compared samin nung nagstaycation kami =) And she does carry herself really well. Very classy 😀 

  11. wahahah! ang dami kong tawa sa last portion. kung di man ako ma-nosebleed magkaka-hematoma ako sa yo ed. hahaha! ang lala ng tagalog mo. pareho kayong na nosebleed no? lol! naks naman si chyng, hindi talaga nagpakabog. ayos! very entertaining indeed.

  12. @Byron: di ba? naks, chyng oh. the classy chick! hehehe. salamat sa pagpakinig byron!

    @kura: haha. may "so that the readers can hear you speak fluently.." pa si chyng! lol. hehe onga eh. di ba. natutuwa ako kay chyng kasi game na game at handang-handa sa mga tanong ko. thanks uli for listening! next time ikaw naman! haha.

  13. hindi sya nag-rereply sa comments pero nag-vivisit sya ng blog at nag-iiwan ng message… I'm a fan reader of her blog and I say her travel stories and photography were superb and lively.

  14. definitely one of my favorite travel blogger. kakatuwa kasi sigurado marami ang gusto marinig ang boses ni Chyng aka "Jing". tama si Ed. ipakilala mo yung mg kaibigan mo sa amin para makinabang kami sa mga magagandang hotel accommodations. hahaha

  15. @ian: yep, dami kasing nagkocomment sa blog ni chyng kasi daming nakakarelate sa kanya. isa-isa na tayo dun. 😀

    @dong ho: wow, Jing pala si Chyng? hehe. i remember ambait ni chyng nung first time syang nakapagblog hop sa site ko. hehe. welcoming din when we finally met! 😀

  16. gusto ko din pumunta ng Japan… i've heard nga na super nice ng mga tao dun… 🙂
    hahaha! ginagawa ko din yun, hindi ko muna bina-blog pag naka-file ako ng SL on certain dates, na alam nila na may sakit ako pero nasa travel ako…hahaha! i usually change the date… hahaha! or just put, let say January 2012, hindi specific… baka mahuli ng boss at ka-work… hahaha!
    ang cute mo mag-tagalog Ed! good job! eto na ang pinaka-FUN mong episode… cheers!!!

  17. @ai: thanks for visiting and listening to the podcast! 🙂

    @mervz: haha, mga techniques talaga mervz! hahaha. salamat sa pagpakinig! ayos na ayos kasi andaming tao sa session na toh. 

  18. Nag iisa ka talaga sa pag compile nang mga hardcore bloggers! I luv Chyng! Her works and adventures! She is one of the best and reliable bloggers I know in blogosphere.. Two thumbs up, Good job!

  19. @Christian: hahaha. loko talaga yang Tagalog na challenge na yan. di pala kayo nagmemeet ni Chyng? 🙂

    @Mitch: salamat Mitch. 😀 marami pa nyan, di ko lang napopost. hehe. reliable is a great word to describe chyng 😀 thanks!


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