I am the hungry, feed me.

Will be anticipating my next door neighbor’s cooking later on! She whips up the best dishes that are definitely satisfying even for my taste –> heck, my taste isn’t that hard to please so long as you can feed me. I need to bring some extra desserts too. It’s the least I can do. For … Read more

alberto’s pizza has another branch

This is a late post but one night after I was done with school, I was craving for Alberto’s pizza again. Fortunately, since I’m just near the Main Campus in San Carlos, I was able to buy dinner for myself before I headed off to work. Alberto’s has another branch somewhere in Pelaez Street, they … Read more

KUL Kitchen

Went out for dinner with my brother and I talked the other night. Somehow, we never really got to go out together which is something we should’ve done in a long while. We caught up on some things and gave some updates. He asked me what my plans were during the holidays. I didn’t really … Read more

Lamesa Grill at SM Cebu

Before our Christmas Party, I went to SM Cebu because my friends were the ones who were going to pick some clothes for me for the event. I didn’t really want to spend too much time but I didn’t have to worry because I was just at the fitting room when they’d give me something … Read more

Heat Restaurant, Edsa Shangri-la

During one of our last days in Manila, one of the OMs (from Texas) of another site who was also sent to help out in the new account said that she wanted to eat dinner with us. My colleague said that we didn’t want to go since we were running out of budget. That’s when … Read more

Alberto’s pizza

There’s a new craze now, aside from Siomai sa Tisa in Fuente or Larsian’s Barbecue, it’s called Alberto’s Pizza. My colleagues and even my boss told us that there’s a pizza place in town that’s fairly new and has good tasting pizza; not to mention the cost is way cheaper than Da Vinci’s Pizza. So … Read more


We ate at Thank God It’s Fridays (TGIF) in Mall of Asia during my first weekend in Manila. The place reminded me of Casa Verde at The Walk in Cebu but of course, with better attendants in nice costumes. hehe. We were actually debating if we’d eat dinner at Hooters or TGIF but we just … Read more

Cafe Laguna, Ayala Center

Cafe Laguna Ayala Center, Cebu This is a late post. I didn’t have time during the second half of October that’s why I’m writing this now. Anyway, October 10, it was a friend’s birthday and with birthdays come celebration. We were treated out for dinner in Cafe Laguna in Ayala. The celebrant just ordered whatever … Read more

Pancake House in Ayala

Pancake House Ayala Center Cebu Doi promised that she’d treat me one of these days in Pancake House in Ayala. I kept on postponing it until it would be near our payday so that I won’t have to be that thrifty because we don’t have enough money because it’s tingbits (ting bitay) since it’s always … Read more

Gerry’s Grill at SM

Gerry’s Grill SM Cebu North Wing This is a late post. After my first day of helping Doi and Wena with their stocks in setting up their online store, we went to SM City’s North Wing and decided to eat at Gerry’s Grill. First time to eat there, again it’s for free!! bwahahaha. I saw … Read more

Golden Cowrie

Two of my colleagues applied for a position and got promoted so it’s inevitable that a food treat would follow suit. We originally planned to go to Pino!  but it would’ve been way of budget. So we opted to go somewhere more affordable but with class. At least it’s free! hehe. Golden Cowrie Salinas Drive, … Read more

Rai Rai Ken in i2

Because of too much pressure from reaching our quota, I went out with some officemates again downstairs for a quick lunch. Or should I say “their” lunch as I was already full. Rai Rai Ken. Japanese? Not really fond of japanese food but I just tagged along anyway. Menu   inside   tables and chairs … Read more

Breakfast Club

One work afternoon, my workmates and I decided to eat lunch at breakfast club in i1 (lunch on breakfast? get it? yeah, I know, corny). Anyway, we went there and ate cause we didn’t have anything much to do as well. One thing I like about the food here is you can taste the butter … Read more

Pino! Restaurant in Cebu

One Sunday night, I went out to dinner with friends and workmates. Hey, I'm a cheapskate at heart; so when the opportunity came by that we were being treated out, I couldn't refuse it. I'm amazed of the place and its design. It has this old Hispanic interior and feel which reminds me of old … Read more