Podcast Interview with Mica of Senyorita.net

This is already the fourth episode of my podcast interview series which is a segment in my blog where I have a conversation with bloggers who love to travel in order to get to know them better.

soloflighted sessions with mica

Mica of Senyorita.net

Going back to Skype conversations, I interviewed Mica of Senyorita.net online due to location differences. She has been blogging for a long time but it was only during a free trip to Boracay did I get to meet her. She quit her job in order to travel and has been living through funds that she is able to generate online which is something a lot of people want.

Through Krispy Kremes meet-ups in Manila, I learned a lot of tips from her about the online world so I could maximize my sites and earn more from them. I couldn’t thank her enough for sharing her experiences so I may also live the same lifestyle in the future.

Interview Location: Skype from Cebu, Philippines to Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines

Mica in Sumilon Island, Cebu

Please click the ‘Play’ button to listen to the Podcast:

What is your primary goal why you set up your travel blog?

I decided to finally make a separate travel blog because there was a time wherien most of my entries in Micamyx.com (my personal blog) were travel-related. A friend of mine suggested that I create a separate one since I had a lot of scheduled trips for the rest of the year at that time. So there you have it, Senyorita.net!

Banaue Rice Terraces

You seem to be very honest when you express yourself online…

Yes, I make it a point because I think it’s the main reason why people are reading my blog that’s why they keep coming back. Because if you just blog about facts and you try to pretend you’re somebody else, people will get tired with you.

Who/What inspires you to travel?

Travel blogs in general. If I read a blog about a certain destination and his/her entry is quite persuasive, the place will eventually bother and haunt me until I schedule a flight or trip to that destination. Another thing is movies. Like when you see the visuals and the possibility that something good might happen in that place.

First Train ride in Cardiff, Wales

Where do you get the money for your travels?

It’s more on the blogs. I don’t only own Micamyx and Senyorita. But I also own a number of undisclosed blogs. It’s more of entertainment-related blogs and I also write for a tabloid in the Philippines. I still contribute there. I also maintain a number of social networking accounts for other people. So I guess that’s enough for me to quit my job and pursue what I really want to do. I can say that my online earnings are quite enough to go and quit the corporate world.

What’s your take on solo traveling?

I have to admit that most of the time I go out with my travel blogger friends or travel in a group. But I believe that one needs to take solo travel from time to time in order to reflect and learn more about themselves. Also, when traveling solo, one is not forced to follow a certain itinerary and be touristy. You can just throw that mask of happiness and be yourself.

Sabang Beach, Puerto Princesa

Are there any tips you’d like share to those who are hesitant to go out and explore the world?

Just book it. Because once you book that flight, it would be hard for you to not push through with it. It will be hard for you to back out.


We had to do a retake in some parts due to technical issues. But I’m really happy that she was still game enough to repeat some areas of the recording.

Thanks Mica!

PS: I’m thinking of probably posting these interviews on a bi-monthly basis. It seems that I’ll be too swamped if I will keep it a weekly affair. Most likely, I’ll be posting the next podcast two weeks from now so watch out for that!

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31 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with Mica of Senyorita.net”

  1. so good that i had that chance to travel with Mica in Palawan. i believe she's one of the baby of the Philippine blogging community. Not just that she's young but is also child at heart. hahaha…

    the phone booth in London sounds really great. first time to hear about it.

  2. ahhh yun pala pinapaalam ni Mica date about my SG story – meeting someone on the road. unfortunately wala na akong ibang make-kwento. toinks! ako na ang boring na solo traveler. haha! Excited na tuloy ako sa story, hmmm! 🙂

  3. Ang kulit ni Mica hahah! May pamask mask of happiness pa siya, una kong dinig "mascot happiness" 😆 hahah!
    Kulit, miss ko yan si Mica. Muwah! 

  4. @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha, hmmm, ikaw pala yung inspiration nya gael re: about meeting somebody. uuyyyy. hahahaha. wow, saya talaga ng Boracay. but let's leave it at that. haha.

    @ambot-ah: galing nga marcus di ba? hehe. wala rin akong masabi nung sinabi nya yun. haha. btw, interview din kita one of these days ok? hehe

    @kaiz: haha, thanks! hope you can listen to the resto of the episodes 😀

    @ada: hahaha, kakausapin ko sya once we meet about that 'mask' uli. hehe. interview kita malapit na ada ok? Hehe 😀

  5. @supertikoy – Oo nga sayang hehe na-divert nya ulit yung attention. Kapag mag-podcast din ako, lagot si Edcel sa akin nyahaha 
    @Dong Ho – Thank you so much, Kuya! Sana makasama na kita mag-Batad soon. Kelan ba yun matutuloy ? 0_0
    @thepinaysolobackpacker – i miss you too teh! let's meet soon kahit coffee lang o something 😀 kino-combine ko experiences ng mga traveler friends for the screenplay na putol-putol. Boracay? Ahihi may kilala ako may muntikan na dun eh! =))
    @Marcos – Hehe thanks Marcos! Hope to travel with you soon. Hindi kami natuloy sa Apo Reef at PG eh T___T
    @Kaiz – Pwedeng-pwede na ba? Medyo nakakaadik nga podcast haha 
    @Ada – naloka ako sa mascot happiness mo teh. mabigat yun dalhin hindi pwedeng hand-carry! =)) miss you badet! resign ka na kase! haha
    @pinaytraveljunkie – bungisngis mode na naman ako sa podcast na to LOL. parang hindi akma sa emo pic sa taas. fail!
    @Batang Lakwatsero – Hahaha ftw!
    @Edcel – Thank you sa podcast na 'to hihi parang kelan lang, kinukwento mo sa akin to. Ngayon 4th episode na! PWede ka nang online love dj charot 😀

  6. Naiimagine ko talaga si Mica habang nakikinig lalo na kapag tumatawa/kinikilig siya! Wahehehe.
    Sina Mica ang first bloggers na nakasama ko sa isang trip and I'm so happy na nakilala ko siya and the other sa TWP!

    Uy Ed, parang ang bilis ng flow nung interview di ko alam kung sa pagka-edit or something? I'm not sure, sensya… parang walang breaks? Parang napagod ako ng onti kasi tuloy-tuloy? Parang… puro question then answer, question then answer, question then answer. Tipong nawala yung spontaneity. Uy constructive to ha. Wag mo akong aawayin. =)

  7. @lakwatsera de primera: malayo-layo pa na makapunta ako nang london. pero mica, post mo na bigla yung London series mo. hehe.

    @robbie: haha.ok lang yan rob. thanks for the feedback! actually ito yung mga hinihintay ko para malaman ko kung paano dapat ang pag-eedit. ano rin, tawa rin kami nang tawa ni mica dito. ang… gulo. hehe. pero thanks din! 😀

  8. ang romantic nga siguro nun. parang si PinayTravelJunkie and Master Sherv. =) stalker ako sa blog ni Mica minsan e. Kaya lang feeling ko bawal ang tagalog comment hahaha! duduguin ako. lol! Gusto ko rin maging writer ng love stories before. Tapos ako bida shempre. at yung mga crush ko yung "MGA" leading man. hahah!

  9. Love your podcast series, Edcel. Nakakatuwa rin si Mica pakinggan hehe. Sana may one post ka summarizing (+ containing all the links) to your series para people can look at it and see which they missed. Yan din kasi ang gagawin ko sa series ko ngayon on solo female travelers 🙂 Gratz nga pala for a job well done!

  10. @galangpusa: salamat! wow. really appreciate the kind words! 😀

    @kura: haha, wow dami mong travel blogs na binibisita talaga ah… toinks. ok lang ang tagalog comment 😀 tagalog na tagalog yan si mica. hehe. kumusta ang Palawan natin jan? uuy. hehe.

    @aleah: thanks for listening to the series, Aleah! 🙂 I will be creating a page dedicated sa mga interview series ko. pag maka tiyempo ako ng panahon. for now, nilalagay ko sa end of the podcast post for the other episodes. thanks again and good luck din sa solo traveling feature mo! dami na nating mga may projects! 😀


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