Cambodia Trip: Walking Barefoot at Angkor Wat Temple

I removed my sandals and went barefoot in Angkor Wat. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision which wasn’t a big deal as dirt already gathered inside my footwear. I was hoping to connect with the temple when my skin touched the stones of the shrine but I was unsuccessful. It wasn’t the day to reflect as I was still overly excited by the fact that I was in Siem Reap, seeing all the temples for the first time.

Angkor Wat
Siem Reap, Cambodia

bigfootbarefoot at Angkor Wat Temple – yes, I’ve big feet.

Angkor Wat which means “City Temple” is inarguably the most famous among all the temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Pardon me if I don’t get to share a lot of information about the the places I’ve been. I hated History back in high school and somehow, I never grew fond of the subject. This is a big no-no especially when you’re introducing people about places. But I take my hats off for Wikipedia and Google for you to get your fix of cultural details and historical information.

angkor wat templefamous spot for taking pictures of Angkor Wat temple

Angkor Wat has become a symbol of Cambodia, appearing on its national flag, and it is the country’s prime attraction for visitors. (Wikipedia – Angkor Wat). It was nice to see the temple in time for the sun to set.

angkor siem reapheading to the temple

After checking out the trees at the Ta Prohm temple, it was time to see this sacred monument which was our last stop for the day. Still at the entrance point, we couldn’t stop ourselves from jumping around and about.
jump angkor wat
fight scene

Every angle of this place of devotion is picture-worthy. I’m glad I pushed through with this tour as I was already hesitant when I was back in Cebu due to paying more for a flight because of tardiness.

angkor poolaccording to my friend, this used to be a pool

prenup angkor
prenup or a magazine photoshoot?

Climbed steep stairs to get on a higher point inside Angkor Wat. I left my companions below as they were wearing shorts that were too sexy for the Khmer security guards to see. But they didn’t miss a lot.

angkor wat stairs
view from the top of steep stairs

Tourist guides share the history of Khmer people and how these temples were built. Catering to various nationalities during their tour, these guides speak in different languages which is something to admire.

angkor wat temple siem
back part of Angkor Wat

angkor siem reap back
stones on the ground

Stones built with bare hands, carvings that decorate the structure in all corners. Beautiful, are they not? Amazing especially when they’re still standing up to now. As the sun sets and its rays illuminate the walls, statues show another shade with a deeper intensity.

angkor statue
Apsaras on the walls

Sprained my ankle on our way back to the entrance. I can’t recall everything but I remember suddenly falling, albeit a short height, from one of the wooden paths to the ground. I stumbled but was glad to keep my balance. It hurt a lot that I had to stop and rest in a corner before I resumed my walk.

temple angkor angkor temple wat
other structures

While taking a hundred more shots, I saw a tourist on top of one of the structures. All by his lonesome self, he was reading a book while the sun was setting. Couldn’t resist taking a photo of him enjoying his read. It’s good to pause and take time to meditate while the world passes before you.

tourist reading
another tourist, reading a book while the sun was setting

Still walking without feet protection, I received a few stares from people passing by. It was a tiring day; my appearance was the last thing I worried about.

Pon, our tuktuk driver, asked me where my shoes were. Coming from a long walk, I just replied with a grin and pointed my finger to my bag.

barefoot angkor
still walking

The orange tone of the sun and the ground compliment the building structures of black and gray. Together, they create a sepia-like hue on a landscape that leaves a lasting impression to one’s memory and makes one wonder if he’s been here before.

There’s something about Angkor Wat; not sure if it’s because of the place or the people or both. Barefoot or not, the simple life here will captivate you.

sunset going home


On a side note, I learned a new trick in Siem Reap. There are things I wish I could do but I can’t. Then there are those that only need practice in order to get them right; no matter how long they may take. I’m glad I still keep trying even if I fail countless times. Now I realize that it’s only my mind that limits myself. It’s how we reconstruct our perception to believe that we can do something will help us achieve anything.

yoga pose
and I thought this dog won’t be able to learn new tricks

Here’s a couple of comprehensive guides about Siem Reap:

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24 thoughts on “Cambodia Trip: Walking Barefoot at Angkor Wat Temple”

  1. Wow! Pictures pa lang nakaka-wow na. I want to go to Cambodia as soon as possible and have some epic pictures taken there
    and again, may bago ka na namang pose hehe you should make a separate blog post about these poses with a little history kung saan mo unang ginamit LOL 😛

  2. stunning. i particularly like the 4th photo. first to see it here as most people who blog about angkor wat focus on the outer portions. astig ang walking barefoot sa angkor wat.

  3. awesome…Angkor Wat is on the top of my Asian destination list. Kulet ng fight pic haha…you made the experience more memorable by walking barefoot and its a testament to the uniqueness of the place.

  4. @micamyx: thanks! you should go there. really reflective if you go there 😀 haha, about the poses, probably ill make a good entry. so far dalawa pa lang yung alam ko. hehe. 

    @lakwatsera de primera: thanks, took me overnight to write this post kasi wala na akong maisip na info about the temples — just goes to show how bad I am with History. hehe. good luck to me, may 2nd day pa. hehe

    @chyng: tricky question Chyng, not sure pa. naguguluhan pa kasi ako. lol. I liked Banteay Srey kasi orange na orange. will blog about it on the next entries. daming temples ng Siem Reap! di namin naubos at yung iba, dinaanan lang namin! hehe

    @dyanie: haha, yep ok na 😀

    @dong ho: thanks a lot! i've a lot of photos and im still wondering where to post them all. hehe. you should try walking barefoot too! 

    @AJ: thanks. saw your post about Angkor Wat, awesome place indeed! 😀

    @marky: go to Angkor Wat, Marky. for sure, you'll satisfy your nomadic experiences dun! dami pa kaming kulet na fight shots, mamaya ko nang ipost kasi overkill na masyado. hehe

  5. @RON: big shoes nga. haha

    @estan: i've run out na actually. still looking for other poses. hehe

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha, i have a pic na nakahiga ako jan sa pool. hehe. yeah, ang cheap nga mga books dun! yung iba $1 lang, colored pa!

    @smarla: thanks, appreciate the comment on my writing! 😀

    @pinoy boy: haha, yeah jerik. kelangan may wacky pose to alleviate the seriousness of the post. hehe. yep, when I saw the guy, I remember your tales in Cambodia of just stopping and enjoying these solitary journeys! i'll do this one of these days pag marami talaga ang oras ko. 😀

    @leave the cube: ey, thanks! appreciate the kind words! thanks for dropping by!

  6. Wow, try mo magbarefoot kahit saan ka na magpunta, tapos rename mo yung blog mo "BarefootEd". O ha! 
    Astig nung shot mo ng taong nagbabasa, parang yun lang talaga yung gawin nya sa Angkor Wat, ang magbasa ng libro. Kasama talaga yung place na yan sa Top 5 Most Wanted ko.

  7. I looked at the fight scene, then stared at the couples on wedding dress.
    I went back to that fight scene – That FIGHT SCENE is a winner. Love love love. 🙂
    All photos – WINNER. Kelan ang victory party? Kidding. Thanks for sharing your stories/photographs. 🙂

  8. @will: haha. not sure kung kaya kong magbarefoot anywhere I can. haha. go to Angkor!

    @dongho: haha. sige sige. teka, yung the one sa Pool di ba? hehe

    @rome: just save and plan ahead. you'll be able to go there too! i didn't expect to do so.

    @rizalenio: haha. fight scene talaga. my friend was the one who took the shot. 'twas funny because the people passing by didn't mind us — and there were a lot of people. will probably post the other shots next time.

  9. Amazing!!! The more that i want to visit Angkor Wat!!!  But later after my Hongkong-Macau trip this April!  
    Super thanks to your blog.  Got very good tips!!! 

  10. Hi can you email  me, I have many questions about Cambodia cuz im going there on February thank you!
    -michelle (


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