Where to Stay: Bousavy Guesthouse in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Bou Savy Guesthouse (Bed and Breakfast)
Siem Reap, Cambodia

I received a couple of questions from readers on where to stay in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Being the ever-resourceful person that I am (insert sarcastic tone), I relied on my friend to search through different hostels there.

My only criteria I wanted for hostels in Siem Reap was that it should be cheap and should have free WiFi. No need for air conditioning, TV and the like. After all those searches, we ended up staying at Bou Savy Guest House which is a family-owned inn and is located 5 minutes away from the main road. It’s about a 10-15-minute walk to the Angkor Night Market. If you don’t want to walk, you can always hire a tuk tuk taxi.

Perks include:
• FREE Pick up & Transfer
• Free Breakfast
• FREE 24-hr High-Speed Wi-Fi (if you don’t have a laptop, they have 5 computers available – free to use)
• FREE Daily Bottled Water in Rooms
• FREE Map of Temple & Town
• Hot Shower

bousavy-in-siem-reapBousavy Guesthouse, lots of trees inside the compound

This hostel was highly recommended by Chyng Reyes (a fellow travel blogger) of chyngreyes.com.

We took advantage of their 3 nights/2 days package wherein we had a tour around all the temples good for two days. We didn’t have to bother negotiating with tuk tuk drivers or search for the temples on our end.

hostel bousavy
bousavy guesthouse compound

A room for one person in Cambodia usually costs around 6-8 USD per night for one person. There were 3 of us and we spent about 3 nights there. It would’ve been 54 USD just for the hostel. Tours would cost 10-15 USD per day for the Tuktuk rides and we spent two days touring the temples. Total cost at a minimum would be around 74 USD already. But because we took advantage of the 3N/2D package, we only paid 72 USD (good for 3) or 24 USD each. That already includes our breakfast for 3 days, 1 dinner meal and the tour. I don’t know if I’m clear with the way I described it but it was really hassle-free.

bousavy guesthouse room
comfy beds, no need for air conditioning, weather is cold at night.

The bed sheets were replaced every day and we just left our laptops in our room. We felt secure just leaving them there but if you’re still hesitant, you can just talk to the staff and they’ll gladly assist you.

We did not bother getting an air conditioned room because the place was actually cold at night. To the point of turning the fan off as we didn’t need it anymore; yet we were covering ourselves with blankets.

food at bousavy guesthouse
Free fruit shakes upon arrival, and free breakfast with big servings in the morning.

The best part about this guesthouse is their friendly staff and their service. One testament to this fact was when we asked for directions on how to get back to Bangkok. We initially planned on hiring a taxicab again and trace back to previous steps via train. However, they offered to arrange a shuttle bus back to Bangkok at only 8 USD each (will write about this soon). All we had to do was pay for our bus tickets and everything was already planned. It couldn’t have been any more convenient.

Book in advance and visit their website at http://www.bousavyguesthouse.com/

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17 thoughts on “Where to Stay: Bousavy Guesthouse in Siem Reap, Cambodia”

  1. sit fried noodles with veggies and meat yan, claire..
    tama ba Ed? glad you're satisfied. mura di ba? feeling ko nga wala na silang profit. hehe
    i felt safe in that place. perfect for female solo travelers. plus winner talaga yung free breakfast – your own choice kasi!

  2. @jeffz: haha. thanks. anlaki ng servings. what i liked best is may kasamang pineapple and banana. 😀

    @lakwatsera de primera: indeed, thanks to my friend Doi who booked in advance! i think stir fried noodles. hehe di ko na matatandaan. hehe

    @chyng: thanks talaga! plus 2 points ka na samin sa trip and recommenation! yung zambales atsaka itong siem reap. thanks a lot! yeah, free breakfast was the best and you have lots of options 😀

  3. Nice pics 🙂 We also stayed at Bou Savy, thanks to the link posted in PEx by chyng. I loved the place….That pancit thing is called "fried noodles with vegetables and meat."  Equivalent to our pancit. I noticed in Cambodia they don't have specific names for food except for Amok. The rest of the food are called by what's in them.

    • @nayeli: thanks for the comment! chyng is really helpful! yeah, thanks for sharing that point as I’ll be blogging about the food in Cambodia next! 😀

  4. Ed, my request ako. pls finish the Malaysia series na, or kahet yung sa guesthouse and direction from the airport to guesthouse pls. I need it before April. Kapag ginawa mu yan d na ako galit sainu dahil sa Nagsasa. haha 😉 teynk u!  *demanding na fan*

    • @gael: haha, will create my write-up within the week. haha, ano pala talaga nangyari sa Nagsasa? did you push through? cause we were in Nagsasa sa gabi and then we headed to Capones after. Doi texted you daw? sayang talaga kasi di tayo nagkita. wala na rin kasing cellphone signal nun. 🙁

  5. Another nice place to stay there is Prohm Roth Guesthouse kasi super lapit sa Pub Street at affordable din, kaso lang wlang free breakfast. On my next trip to SR, gusto ko ma-try mag-stay Sa Bousavy bcoz of the free breakfast which is a great savings. Just want to know though if its near Pub Street? Thanks! 🙂

  6. We had a great stay in Siem Reap because of this blog post. Thanks for the helpful information. Bou Savy really offers a good deal, nice staff and owner too.

  7. I love Bou Savvy! My boyfriend and I stayed there for 3-4 days when we were in Siem Reap and we enjoyed our time there. For less than $16 a night, we already had an airconditioned room, free pickup/transfer to and from the airport and yummy breakfast! I highly recommend this place! Nice blog by the way 🙂


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