Siem Reap and Bangkok Chronicles

Siem Reap in Cambodia and Bangkok in Thailand was fun. I’m glad that we didn’t rush into scenes and had time off to retreat. Most of my travels usually were getting to different tourist spots and other famous destinations. Sure, we also did some sight-seeing in Siem Reap and Bangkok but we weren’t in a hurry which made it all the more worthwhile.

temple-hopping in Cambodia

I was able to travel to two cities in two countries over the past week and I thought I could easily update this site with pictures and snippets just to give out glimpses of the places and things we did. However, I’m having difficulty where to start. With so many pending entries and backlogs from different trips, it’s a challenge for me to maintain this site and keep it current. But I’ll figure out a way.

fish spa
fish spa at 3 USD

For now, let me just post a few photos of scenes in these countries. Each place has its own charm and story to tell which enriches one’s knowledge on how people go about their way of life.

Went temple-hopping in Siem Reap and was amazed at how these temples were built centuries ago. I also realized that Khmer (Cambodian) people are kind-hearted in nature.

khmer landmine victims
Khmer landmine victims playing musical instruments

I’m fancying the food too! I’ve been missing a lot on eating authentic cuisines from the places I’ve gone to (Malaysia and Hong Kong) that’s why I didn’t want to miss out on eating Thai and Khmer food. I’m not a chili-food type of person but my taste buds were craving for spicy dishes every time we sat down and ate.

thai food
Thai food!

Bangkok was a different scene probably because of the crowd. I’ve never seen so many Caucasians converge in one road. Bars, pubs and all-night partying was a normal occurrence. I knew it was going to be a lively scene, but I didn’t think it was that alive.

night life khao san road
one pub in Khao San Road, hundreds more on different sides

My main goal in visiting Thailand was fulfilled. It wasn’t the best sight but one can leave his mouth agape due to the power of muscle contraction. With darts, bananas, whistles and the famous ping pong balls flying everywhere.

suvarnabhumi airport
famous spot at Suvarnabhumi airport

I’ve so many stories to share but so little time and energy to write. A pile of emails are flooding my Inbox and I have to deal with catching up on office work. For now, let these few photos capture the different tales I can’t wait to blog about.

Here’s a couple of comprehensive guides about Siem Reap:

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18 thoughts on “Siem Reap and Bangkok Chronicles”

    • @Thailan Reisen: Thanks, more photos coming up!
      @lakwatseradeprimera: haha. that was the highlight of my trip and not the temples. 😀
      @marky: indeed! it’s a backpacker’s haven as they say.
      @thepinaysolobackpacker: i want to go back to Khao San ROad gael! haha. actually mas marami pa yung pose ko na ganun. watch out. hehe.
      @will: it was still strong. the guard was just passing by but he didn’t scold me or anything. not sure about the food anymore but definitely i had my a lot of spice in it! sarap ng food talaga!
      @james: good luck na lang talaga. ewan ko ba kung paano ko toh gawin ang mga backlogs. good luck.

  1. The first photo – parang cover ng TRAVEL and LEISURE magazine. FIERCE!!! Hahahaha. Magawa nga din yan in the future. Cant wait sa mga next stories at photos pa. The best ang mga adventures mo.

  2. i agree na nakakapagod ang mga backlog na posts. ha ha but it's all good at least maraming trips!
    mukhang alam ko na nangyari sa khao san road? kuwentooo! lahat na yata nandun! nakalimutan ko meron isang girl na nagbebenta ng beer naka monobloc chair lang tapos may tables. yung girl nakasalamin basta siya may-ari. mabait siya and nanlilibre ng drinks! he he tinginan nga lahat kasi bakit free? mabait siya sa pinoy pero thai siya!

    • @Rizalenio: haha. marami pang ganyan na pics! hehe
      @dyanie: yeah. will be posting more next time. 😀
      @chris: haha. will do!
      @pinoy boy: jerik! onga. wala lang naman. wholesome lang naman sa khao san. babalik ako dun one of these days!

  3. hi there
     your blog was recommended by doi (travelling feet)… true enough iv learned so much re: bk-sr trip

  4. Hi Ed! I'm Dave. Am still 18 years old but I was so inspired reading your blog posts. Upon reading your blog about Delusions of Grandeur I realized somehow I wanted to be like you free-spirited and doesn't conform to the norm of the society as long as you do what gives you Self-Actualization or self-fulfillment. I have a lot in mind, I wanted to do many things. I am working now in a BPO, it's my first time in the industry though I don't know yet what I want, I'm still figuring out things what's best for me and what makes me happy. Anyway, I still young and have plenty of time to do what satisfy me. I'd love to travel but don't have my resources. I am also thinking about blogging though I don't understand how things work here 🙂 I was thinking maybe working in a BPO will be one of my avenue to get to it 😀 Anyway, continue inspiring others as you are to me. AJA! Thanks. Hope we could hang out someday! 😉


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