Six Months on the Road

I was doing my daily routine of going online to work when it hit me. I’ve been on the road for six months. Six months! I quit my job in January and I’ve travelled to different places ever since.


Here’s a list of places I’ve been to in the past six months. Some I stayed for a few days, most I stayed longer. Duration of my stay indicated are just rough estimates.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 2 days
Mui Ne, Vietnam – 2 days
Siem Reap, Cambodia – 1 month
Bangkok, Thailand – 2 weeks
Singapore City, Singapore – 6 days
Cebu, Philippines – 2 weeks
Boracay, Philippines – 5 days
Cebu, Philippines – 5 days
Manila, Philippines – 1 week
Cebu, Philippines – 2 weeks
Manila, Philippines – 3 days
Siem Reap, Cambodia – 1 week
Singapore City, Singapore – 4 days
Bangkok, Thailand – 1.5 months
Bali, Indonesia – 1 week
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 2 days
Dungun, Malaysia – running on my 1st month

Looking back, it seems that I’ve been to so many places in the last half of the year. It’s not that I can’t go to these places if I kept my previous job working in a contact center. Heck, I travelled to 4 countries and 8 local destinations within 8 months and still kept my full-time job. I’ve also had six consecutive trips in six weekends while juggling my part-time projects online. It just came to a point that I wanted more than the weekend trips.

Travel VS Work From Home

I can work from home and just travel over the weekend; besides, there are other places in the Philippines that’s also fascinating. At least I’d cut down on other expenses.

sandboard vietnam
sandboarding – not as fun as it looks
Mui Ne, Vietnam

However, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I want to be in different places because I know that when I’ll have my own family, it won’t be that easy anymore. Not that I can’t travel with a family – the Pinay Travel Junkie, is a testament that it’s doable. But there are certain things I need to consider before satisfying my own needs when that time comes.

Depleting Funds

Everyday isn’t paradise. There are times when I wondered where I was going to get more funds for my travels especially when they’re depleting. Work online hasn’t been stable at times; or maybe I haven’t really been as focused as much. So yes, I’ve been lazy. I’ve saved money, but not a lot. But I don’t want to quit when I haven’t shifted to full gear.

cafe shops are frequent hangouts to work 6-8 hours a day
Acoustic Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

There are also moments when the money I earned is only enough to send to my family. Even if I’m not earning much, I don’t need much, either. I can sacrifice eating less and not going out often; but the monthly contribution back home should always be stable.

Unexpected Blessings

Luckily, miracles happen from time to time. Sometimes I’d get a good lead from advertising companies and friends would break their walls and offer their space. In rare times, other friends share posted information online about work opportunities where you can get free food and accommodation. These are unexpected blessings that I’ll forever cherish.

bed soloflighted
my bed for a month – the carpet that is.
Bangkok, Thailand

And even so, words of encouragement and reading about people who do the same thing as I’m doing; they’re a big influence to keep moving forward.

Simplifying Life

With the places I’ve visited in this backpacking adventure, I’ve learned to simplify my life and fit them in a daypack (for my gadgets) and a duffle bag (for clothes and other items). I’ve also cut down on costs and made sure to spend only for necessary items such as food and transportation.

dining in instead of eating out
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Transportation is a big chunk of the expenses especially during unexpected flights. I’m just glad how cheap flights are easier to find here and there so long as you’re patient enough to search for them. It’s a matter of finding good schedules and making sure that they’re not far from the actual travel dates. I’ve only used my credit card for booking tickets online so I’m really glad that I haven’t been spending as much.

Great Experiences

One other thing I spend more on are adventures. Paying for a surfboard may not be as cheap when I could just enjoy the sunset; but hey, I live for these moments that make me appreciate life. Whether it be surfing, bungy jumping, snorkelling, performing headstands, or just doing nothing. Yes, doing nothing is also fun when you’re living in a busy schedule. These are priceless experiences that I’ll carry with me wherever I go.

snorkelling at Tenggol Island
Terengganu, Malaysia

Six Months

It’s been six months since I resigned from my job of six years to be on the road. Am I still delusional? Is living this location-independent lifestyle worth it? It’s still too early to tell; and I don’t want to worry about proving anymore. The plan was a minimum of six months, and I’ve passed that mark already. I might go home, or I might stay longer. Who knows where I’ll be? So long as I’m living life to the fullest while not sacrificing my obligations; it’s fine by me.

The flexibility of being anywhere is what’s making me love this lifestyle. A lifestyle designed according to how I want to live my life.

headstand in Bali
still doing headstands
Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

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56 thoughts on “Six Months on the Road”

  1. Idol 🙂 . 
    I quit my job last year and did traveling since then but mostly in the Philippines. I got addicted to it. It's so refreshing after so many years of working in the BPO industry. I don't mind living a simple life. These travels, I learned a lot from. 

  2. I've noticed that you stayed in Cambodia and Thailand the longest. What's it about these places that makes them special or different than the rest of the destinations you've been to? I've never been outside of the PH before and I'm about to embark on a journey around Asia pretty soon, so I'm a little curious. 

    • @Jared: Cambodia is because cost of living is cheap. Thailand, because I have a friend who lives there who offered their space. Had free lodging 🙂 All places are beautiful depending on your perspective. It all depends on the budget.

    • @melvin: you can. i didn’t think i could do it at first, I realized I needed to change the way I lived if I wanted to gain something. Just try to network with people who’ve done it and ask. On another note, I wish I could go to China soon 🙂

  3. It's amazing.. if you are comming to europe, in Barcelona, you can lodge at my home with no cost and use my fast internet for working. cheers

  4. Time flies, parang kakabasa ko lng ng delusional of  grandeur, nka 6 months kna. If  you passed again in KL and have time let us know. We want to fulfill our 16th of 40ish list. "Meet and interview a famous travelblogger."

  5. just some question.
    one way ba karamihan ng tickets mo? if yes, paano mo namanage to pass immigration even without an "official job"?
    planning to do this in the near future. hehehe. 

    • @emj: most are one way tickets. you just need an entry point and an exit point. normally when i go to SG, i book a return flight. other countries, i exit other destinations. good luck emj!

  6. hoping for more travels and more opps for you ed! and i really like this line "I can sacrifice eating less and not going out often; but the monthly contribution back home should always be stable." You are doing an admirable thing both for self and for family. Salute!

    • @bertN: i dont compromise the internet, that’s why i make sure that i go to a place that has good signals. i hope i don’t bump into one a dead zone cause i need to be online to continue my work. 🙂

  7. wow 🙂 un lang masasabi ko sayo kuya 🙂 i am planning to have a solo trip vacation for my birthday next month and i just read your blog 🙂 thanks sa mga posts mo, i got ideas on how to do it 🙂 this is what i really want in my life.. to travel!!! 🙂

  8. 6 months is very impressive!  Earning money online is not easy and can be very volatile at times.  I like how you've simplified your life to save on expenses.  Best wishes as you continue your journey!

  9. Hi Ed, If I only have 2 full days in vietnam, would it be a bad idea to spend it in Mui Ne instead of Saigon? (it will be my first time in vietnam)Thanks!


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