Meeting Readers On the Road

I had the pleasure of meeting readers on the road while in Cambodia. These were unexpected encounters and it was nice  that they spared their time even if they were tired from a long day of temple-hopping.

I wrote 20 articles about Siem Reap during my trip last year which has become a guide for Filipinos who want to know more information about this quaint city. But I didn’t expect that I would actually meet some readers while I’m here. Below are the stories of our chance meet-ups.

Tony & Denisse

siem reap readerswith Tony & Denisse at the Kingdom of Cambodia border

I was at the Hua Lamphong Railway Station so I could take the train from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet border. Inside the train, I saw a couple searching for a seat. I found out they were Filipinos when they were talking to each other. I had to open my mouth and ask them how they were.

Me: Kamusta? (How are you?)
Tony: Hey, you’re also a Pinoy!
Me: Yeah, you headed to Siem Reap?
Tony: Yes, we’re going to Siem Reap. *brief pause* Wait a minute, are you soloflightEd?
Me: Errrrrr…

I was too speechless to react that I simply nodded my head to confirm Tony’s assumption. He then introduced me to his girlfriend, Denisse. I ended up accompanying them to their destination. We also had dinner the night before they left.

Carlos & Cathrina

It was my friend, Doi, who first met these guys at the Poipet border. Their conversation went something like this:

Doi: So where are you guys staying?
Carlos & Cathrina: In Bou Savy Guesthouse.
Doi: Ah, where’d you get the information? *Doi was already smiling*
Carlos & Cathrina: We got it from a blogger we read whose name is Ed.
Doi: Ohhhhh! so do you want to meet Ed?

In the end, we met up for dinner and capped the night off with talks about blogging and online money-making; two of the topics you can’t get me to shut up. haha.

It’s nice to meet people on the road who are also passionate about travelling. In these two instances, I was told that they used my website as their reference to plan their trip to Siem Reap. I’m really glad that my blog has helped them in some way.

Tony & Denisse, Carlos & Cathrina, thanks for sparing your time despite your busy schedules! Hope to meet you again when I go back to the Philippines! Thanks as well for letting me place your pictures here, exposed na kayo. haha.

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35 thoughts on “Meeting Readers On the Road”

  1. wow! isa kang alamat….saya naman na you got to meet those people na natulungan mo through your blog.sarap siguro ng've made it na talaga ed.congrats!

  2. @Hoobert: haha, worldwide talaga? di naman. thanks 😀

    @Marx: PM mo lang kami kung malapit na. baka babalik kami ng SR.

    @melvin: nakpow, alamat talaga? haha. thanks melvin! nakakataba ng puso nung nameet ko sila 😀

    @micamyx: hindi talaga, di ko alam kung may natutunan sila. hahaha. 

  3. @dong ho: haha, sabi nga ni doi dom, paturo kami sayo about setting up a business like what you're doing. haha.

    @mervz: onga mervz. kakatuwa kasi di ko talaga inexpect na mameet sila. 😀

  4. @doi: haha. thanks for introducing them doi! kakatuwa yung mga pics nila sa FB. talbog mga stunts ko sa kakulitan ni Carlos. haha.

    @Josiah: thanks Josiah! dami mo kayang fans din! haha. 😀

  5. wait, kaw ba yung nasa unang pic, at left? laki maskels eh! hihihi..
    I bet, that must be great exp. and feeling! You must be really proud! You helped alot of Filipinos when regards to their itineraries…

  6. Waiting for the day ma-meet din kita bro.haha (so -no pun intended)  Last week nong nag-Cherry Blossoms kame sa Washington,DC balak ko mag-headstand ala Soloflighted  don sa may Washington monument pero nag-alangan ako baka huliin ako ng mga police.haha Might try ths sa Statue of Liberty or Philly malay mo mag-trend ala planking and tebowing ung pag-headstand.hehe

  7. @Mitch: haha, photoshop lang yan mitch. haha. but yeah, nakakataba ng puso when I met them and they were thankful. 😀

    @killerfillers: hahaha, sagwa nga pakinggan but yeah, hope to meet more travel bloggers. ayos ah, sa Washington pa!  naks yumu-US! 😀

  8. nice. ang showbiz mo na ed. hihiih! sikat na sikat. Nakakatuwa tong kwentong to. Buti pa sila nameet ka na. at sa Cambodia pa ha. ^_^ (Si Denisse kamukha ni Bianca Gonzy sa pic. la lang. hihih!)

  9. @kura: ngak, di ako pwede magshowbiz. hahaha. pero onga, kamukha nga nya si Bianca! hope to meet you one of these days pagbalik ko Kura. hehehe. at nang mainterview na kita! hahaha

    @lakbay philippines: ana jud na lakbay. pero nothing can beat Estan's reaction when he met you. hahahaha!

    @gayE: ey gaye! lol, naks, baka magiging majorette na si Luna pagbalik ko. hahahaha

  10. Cool! Will read your blog when I got home (pauwi pa lang from work). There's more than meets the eye. 🙂 Am doing a research for Caleruega when I pass by your site. Am planning to go there this weekend. 🙂 I also have planned travel abroad this coming June to November. I think (and hope) that your adventure would help me. 🙂

  11. @geremy: thanks for reading this blog of mine geremy! good luck and enjoy! 😀

    @AJ Tria: thanks again AJ! baka-iadd ko yung meet-up natin kahit saglit lang yun. hehehe. ingat kayo!


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